May Day Basket

Mar 27, 2010

This bas­ket can be used as East­er decor in your home or giv­en to a friend or neigh­bor filled with tum­my treats.  You could also use this as a May Day Bas­ket… One fun May Day tra­di­tion is to hang a bas­ket full of spring flow­ers or oth­er small gift on your neigh­bor’s door­knob. Just make sure you don’t get caught because if you do you will have to kiss them.

Sup­plies Used: Peat Pot (Gar­den Sec­tion at Lowe’s), Maya Mist — Brown, Pri­ma Hydrangea Blos­soms, Self Adhe­sive Rhinet­sons ($1 Sec­tion at Michaels), Bethany Lowe Designs All Sea­sons Fes­toon­ing Gar­land, Pale Pink Seam Bind­ing, Creamy Brown Ink, White Che­nille Stem, Fab­ri-Tac

Tools Need­ed: Scis­sors


  1. Mist entire peat pot using Maya Mist — Brown, let dry.
  2. Attach to the top edge of the peat pot a piece of Fes­toon­ing Gar­land using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive.
  3. Using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive attach Pri­ma Hydrangea blos­soms around the entire out­er area of the peat pot, let dry.
  4. Accent the cen­ter of each blos­som with a self adhe­sive rhine­stone.
  5. Light­ly dis­tress the tis­sue gar­land and blos­soms using Creamy Brown ink.
  6. To cre­ate the han­dle wrap a white che­nille stem with pale pink seam bind­ing. Using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive attach the han­dle to the upper inside por­tion of the peat pot.
  7. Cre­ate a bow out of the pink seam bind­ing and attach to one side of the han­dle mak­ing sure to use a strong liq­uid adhe­sive.
  8. Fill bas­ket with shred­ded book pages, fill with glit­tered eggs.

As I look at the pho­tos I do believe I am going to add a book page but­ter­fly to the cen­ter of the bow. I think that will look nice and fin­ish the project off com­plete­ly.

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