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Mar 26, 2010

If you like vin­tage look­ing East­er cards here is a tuto­r­i­al I found at a site call Vin­tage Image Craft. I kin­da stum­bled on them via Face­book and oh am I so hap­py I did. Vin­tage Image Crafts has some adorable projects I thought you my super sweet blog­ger read­ers might want to try. This morn­ing cre­at­ed their adorable Victo­ri­an styled East­er Egg card. I love inter­ac­tive cards espe­cial­ly when it involves an adorable vin­tage image of an East­er chick like this one.

I hope you give this card a try… it is pret­ty sim­ple and oh so cute.

Wish­ing you all a won­der­ful­ly cre­ative week­end. Oh and don’t for­get about this.. or this. Those that par­tic­i­pate have a chance to win a won­der­ful RAK.


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