Ansley, my Sweet 16…

Mar 3, 2010

@ 5:41 pm

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  • what a CUTIE PIE!!!
    Actually, she’s BEAUTIFUL!

  • You are blessed! She is beautiful:D

  • Lori

    you have such a beautiful daughter. i am so sorry to hear of her disorder. i have had panic attacks myself and if what she is experiencing is anything like that, i really feel for her. prayers and hugs to all of you. we will be here when you are here.

  • What soulful eyes and a gorgous smile. I can relate. I have a son with Schizo-affective disorder. Acceptance is a powerful gift.

  • I hope with time and knowledge, your daughter will be able to cope and live a healthy adjested life. Family support is key, and I know that is her blessing. I’m here if you need an ear. hugs

  • patti

    she is so beautiful, and one lucky girl to have such a great mom.

  • Patrice

    wow, LMP.
    you and your daughter loook so much alike.
    she’s just stunning. beautiful.

  • beautiful. Happy birthday, A

  • Happy Birthday Ansley. I know your family is blessed to have such a lovely young woman to celebrate.

  • Nancy

    What a beautiful girl! It is all consuming when our children are suffering. Please take care. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl.

  • happy birthday Ansley!! she looks so much like you! she is gorgeous!