It’s a Texas Winter Wonderland…

Feb 12, 2010

and I am loving it!!! Here are a few photos from around our house that I thought I would share. This is a record snowfall for us Dallas/Fort Worth Texans.

Looking down and across the street while standing in our driveway.

The birch tree in our back yard.

These are trees in our front yard peeking over the backyard fence.

This is a view of the landscaping in our backyard in front of our kitchen window.

A view of our backyard taken while standing in front of the birch tree.

As you can see this is going to be a perfect scrapbooking day. I will be finishing up my second class to be taught at Crop, Paper, Scissors in Waco, March 6th. This is really going to be a fun day. I will be teaching two classes and my friend Lisa will be helping with a Maya Road make n take… hope to see ya there.

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  • WOW! I am in Georgia and it is coming this way! The snow of the century?!

  • Sandy

    So sorry! What has this world come to????
    I’m in Boston. We have sunshine ;-) in the 30’s.

  • Wasn’t this a fun day to be indoors? Our trees looked beautiful! Now it’s slowly melted away.

  • These photos are gorgeous! I love the snow covered trees!

  • I live in Dallas too and it was so much FUN having this snow, wasn’t it? It was perfect as the roads weren’t icy so you could drive and not be frightened. I love your images, that’s what struck me the most too were the beauty of the trees bowing under the weight of the snow! Congrats on your book too, what an accomplishment! Suzie

  • OMG Lisa I didn’t know that Texas ever got snow. My husband and I were totally shocked when we saw the pictures. Hope all is well.
    p.s. I ordered your book and I am ready to pounce on the mail man if he/she dosen’t delivier it soon.