Snow Day Tag

Dec 12, 2009

With all the snow lots of my friends seem to be hav­ing as of late I thought this might be a fun project to doc­u­ment their snow days. This tag can be used as an orna­ment for the tree or for an accent in any room of your house.

I have always loved this pho­to of my Mom back in 1957. Salem, West Vir­ginia, where my mom grew up had a snow storm that win­ter that left her lit­tle town look­ing like a win­ter won­der­land. Her dog poochie loved play­ing out­side with her in the snow as you can see from the pho­to. I find it kind of amus­ing that Mom and Dad had the same knick­name grow­ing up of “Dick­ie” and their dogs had the same name of “Poochie”.

Snow Day Tag

Sup­plies Used:
Maya Road Oval Scal­lop Coast­er Album
Maya Road Bethany Mini Chip­board Alpha­bet
Maya Road Mini Snowflakes Chip­board Set
Maya Road Hang­ing Chan­de­lier Beads
Pat­terned Paper
Match­ing Sol­id Card­stock
Plat­inum and Dia­mond Stick­les
Fine Ger­man Glass Glit­ter — Sil­ver
Adiron­dack Metal­lic Paint Dab­ber — Sil­ver
Adiron­dack Metal­lic Paint Dab­ber — Pearl
White Crepe Paper Stream­er
White Seam Bind­ing
Embroi­dery Floss (any col­or)
Jump Ring
Clear Dry­ing Liq­uid Adhe­sive
Glue Stick

Tools Used:
Craft Knife/Craft Mat
Sewing Nee­dle
Pink­ing Shears
Small Scal­lop Scis­sors
Sand­ing Block


Snow Day close up

  • Using a glue stick apply adhe­sive to the front of two oval scal­lop pages and attach to your pat­terned paper.
  • Using a craft knife and craft mat care­ful­ly cut around the oval scal­lop pages, sand the edges using a sand­ing block.
  • Apply a clear dry­ing liq­uid adhe­sive along the edges of the scal­lop coast­er and gen­er­ous­ly apply glit­ter, let dry.
  • Accent around the inside por­tion of the scal­lop with Plat­inum Stick­les dots, let dry.
  • Attach rhine­stones to the cen­ter of some snowflakes on the pat­terned paper
  • Gath­er a piece of white crepe paper stream­ers cut to approx­i­mate­ly 18″ in lenght, thread a sewing nee­dle with three strands of embroi­dery floss (any col­or will be fine as it will not show) begin gath­er­ing at one end and con­tin­ue to the oppo­site end. Once fin­ished gath­er­ing space the crepe paper even­ly so it fits onto the chip­board piece as shown above. Attach it to the back of the front oval scal­lop.
  • Cut a piece of white seam bind­ing to cre­ate your hang­er. Using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive attach the hang­er to the back of the chip­board page.
  • Using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive attach the sec­ond oval scal­lop page to the back. Basi­cal­ly you are sand­wich­ing the gath­ered crepe paper in between the two chip­board pages.
  • Trim the edges using pink­ing shears then accent the edges using Plat­inum Stick­les.

Accented Mini Snowflake

  • Paint a mini chip­board snowflake with sil­ver metal­lic paint, let dry.
  • Cov­er the paint­ed snowflake with a clear dry­ing liq­uid adhe­sive, gen­er­ous­ly apply fine Ger­man sil­ver glass glit­ter, tap off excess, let dry. Attach a rhine­stone to the cen­ter of the glit­tered snowflake.

Altered mini chipboard letters

  • Paint mini chip­board let­ters white, let dry.
  • Apply a clear dry­ing liq­uid adhe­sive on top of each let­ter, gen­er­ous­ly apply glit­ter, tap off excess, let dry.
  • Cre­ate a hang­er and bow using white seam bind­ing.
  • Cre­ate a mat for your pho­to using a sol­id piece of card­stock, accent the edges using scal­lop scis­sors, attach your pho­to to the mat.
  • Now attach the pho­to, glit­tered snowflake, glit­tered let­ters, seam bind­ing and hang­ing chan­de­lier piece as shown.
  • Cre­ate your jour­nal­ing strips, accent the edges using Dia­mond Stick­les, let dry. Once dry attach to the scal­lop tag.

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