Cupcake Liner Holiday Light Reflectors…

Dec 9, 2009

While sit­ting in the Doc­tor’s office this morn­ing with Ans­ley (poor girl has a ter­ri­ble sore throat but a shot and antibi­otics will fix her in no time) I saw this real­ly neat idea in one of the mag­a­zines. I can­not remem­ber which mag­a­zine I saw this in but find it rather amus­ing that I can remem­ber how to make the entire project step for step… does not make sense at all. Any­way, these are super easy to make and will look so pret­ty attached to white lights wrapped around some gar­land. They remind me of the old alu­minum foil reflec­tors used in the 60’s.

Cupcake Liner Holiday Light Reflector

Sup­plies Used: Foil Cup­cake Lin­ers Tools Used: Scis­sors


  • Fold cup­cake lin­er in half four times.
  • Using Scis­sors snip the top por­tion of the cup­cake lin­er as shown in the pho­to below.

Folded Cupcake Liner with the top trimmed

  • Unfold the cup­cake lin­er. It should look like the pho­to shown below. If you want the reflec­tor to have less points  fold the cup­cake lin­er three times instead.

Opened Cupcake Liner

  • Cut a small hole in the cen­ter of the cup­cake lin­er as shown below. Make sure the hole is small­er than you want as these are frag­ile and the hole will tear eas­i­ly.

Cut a small hole in the center

  • Place the cup­cake lin­er over a small white light. I love how the light reflects off the lin­er. These are so sim­ple to make and real­ly are so pret­ty. (Sor­ry for the bad pho­tos… a tad bit gloomy here today for good pho­tos) This would be some­thing fun for kids to make too.

Attached cupcake liner

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