Acceptance my word for 2010

Dec 18, 2009

I have been thinking a lot lately about what word I plan to really embrace for myself this year. After a lot of thought and reading these two blog posts Katie’s and Karen’s I can really relate to some of what they are saying. I decided my word needs to be acceptance. I have a very hard time being happy with anything I create or do. I always feel I can or need to be better. This issue involves my art, family life etc. It carries over into everything. I have always had a hard time living just in the moment. I have a very type A personality and suffer from panic attacks that at times can be paralyzing. I worry about everything… am I a good mom, wife, artist, daughter, aunt, friend etc. What can I do to be better. I realize I need to accept that there are going to be days when I just flat out screw up. Not intentionally by any means but I just screw up and it is okay. Life is not perfect, I am not perfect and I must accept it, refocus and move on. I’m not sure if this is mainly a female issue because as I see it men are much better at just accepting things and are able to move on faster.

This coming year I am going to accept myself for who and what I am. I am going to accept the fact that yes I will screw up. I am going to accept the fact that not every single piece of glitter or ribbon has to be in this very exact spot. That it is okay if it is just a tad bit too much to the right. I am going to accept that the house is not going to be 100% clean 24 hours a day and that there are going to be days that I have panic attacks that paralyze me. All of this just means that I am living life and at times life is just not 100% of anything but breathing. I am going to remember to breathe, some days will require deeper breaths than others but I am going to breathe. I am going to live in the moment and accept the day that I have been given. I am going to be happy that I have the opportunity to breathe another day as not everyone is given this opportunity. I am going to accept the gift of watching the birds outside my kitchen window as they give me great joy. I am going to accept the gift of vacuuming up enough dog hair from my golden retrievers to knit 1,000 pairs of socks as they do not live nearly as long as I wish they did and I love these dogs. I am going to accept me for me… yes, I’m going to accept the fact that I have gray hairs coming in faster than I can count, that I have some pounds to drop and will when I am ready as I know they will hang out with me until I do, I am going to accept that yes 44 yr. olds do have wrinkles and embrace them as at least I am here to see them. I am going to accept that not everyone sees things as I do and does things the way I do. Yes this is a biggie for me back to that type A personality. I am going to accept that not everyone is going to like what I create and that is okay. I am going to accept that not everyone is nice and that you will get nasty grams from people that feel they invented every single thing in the art community and that is okay as that is their problem not mine as I know I have integrity. I am going to accept that I have not had one second to create a project to post this week as I have taken care of three sick dogs, one sick kid, Christmas shopped, cleaned, washed etc and it is okay and my blog readers will certainly understand. And I am going to accept that I cannot find a photo to add to this blog post and that the dryer buzzing non-stop at this very moment is making me crazy. I am living life.

So with all that said, what word do you plan on living by for 2010?
Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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  • Lisa Pace, Lisa Pace, Lisa Pace………….. You my Missy are going to do just fine!
    First of all, smile about the Nastygrams and realize that you are not the only one that gets those :) We share that little story, right? But also you would NEVER need to copy anybody, your brain is brimming with creative ideas.
    Second of all, letting go of perfect is such a relief…but it is so hard to do. We all screw up, I do daily………but I try to laugh about it, most of the time.
    You are a great Mom, wife, friend, artist etc….I have never thought any different. Interesting to see behind the scenes, into what “we” as women really think about ourselves, isn’t it?
    Third of all, I HATE the dryer buzzing sound……..Ours is SO loud and goes on and on forever……..drives me nuts!

    You are over the top creative, artistic and I am constantly inspired by your work!!


  • Thanks for letting us in on your personal achievements and goals for the coming year. Remember, life is better LIVED than MISSED.

    You inspire me and so many others.

  • Dear Sweet Lisa, you are not alone. We all have our “issues”. We are our own best critic! YOU, my friend are an amazing, talented, clever, fun-loving inspiration to many! I am so proud of you and we haven’t ever even meet in person yet! Acceptance is a good word. Embrace it. Your ribbons are straight enough for me Missy!
    hugs and christmas kisses, bren
    PS If you ever knit a pair of retriever socks, add me to your list of recipients!

  • nancy t

    Dear Lisa,
    I am a recent “newbie” to your blog and beautiful art. I should tell you that when iIfirst saw your lovely mitten and snowflake project…..I could think of nothing else for days! I HAD to make them. I had dreams about them. Yes I had a muff as a child…still have it in my overflowing closet! The mitten garland is hanging in our family room….thank you for that inspiration. Your sweet treat and special glitter…..just perfect! I think I too will work on acceptnce. Acceptance of things I cannot change. My son and daughter-in-law are going through a divorce…and I love them both so much and want to fix their situation so badly….I need to find the strength to just accept. When I bury myself in my craft room……somehow I forget worries for a little while. So I just want to thank you for all of your wonderful creative ideas….when you post and send them out to us……maybe you don’t realize how sweetly they just might land where needed. I admire you and have your new book on waitlist from Amizon! You take care…. I have a feeling you are a very wonderful person Lisa!

  • Aunt Brenda

    Lisa… here I thought I set the example long ago of how to let go of perfection and accept life as it comes. Now that you’re “out of the closet” with your long list of worries, I just have one thing to say…. shred that list and live in the moment as much as possible. Call me as needed!!!! Much love to you.

  • Trish

    This post really struck a chord with me. I visit your blog daily, but never leave a comment. Why, because I think people will read my comment and find something wrong with it. It would always be a nice comment, because I am a nice person. But some people would find something about it to pick it apart. I am my own worst enemy. Of course, I am sure I have some real ones as well! How could you not like anything you do? I am inspired each time I visit your blog. You have a book coming out! I am impressed beyond measure at that feat! I could never create anything that would impress anyone. Just ask my 9TH grade art teacher. See, I have her to thank for my low self esteem when it comes to creativity! I’ll think about my word for 2010. In the mean time I won’t be a lurker (not all the time anyway!), have a wonderful holiday.
    All Good Things,

  • Santa

    Santa has accepted you just as you are.
    Please don’t change to much because then you won’t be you.
    Santa and Mrs. Clause love you just the way you are.
    With much love.

  • Hi Lisa, I am so glad to read your post as a lot of women are just where you are in their lives, and we need to affirm our value with maybe nothing to add but just our basic selves.
    I posted a picture at the bottom of my Pink Saturday post this weekend showing me close-up and at first I thought, my god, where did those wrinkles around my eyes and nose come from?!! Then I realized, hey, they’re wrinkles that go UP, not DOWN, which means I must be the basically smiling happy person that I strive to be, so come on wrinkles, you’re showing the best side of who I am, not the getting older side. Plus as I get older, (i’m now 47), I tell myself that no matter what happens, if my husband or I would get laid off our jobs, or something I wanted doesn’t come my way, that I need to out loud remind myself that NO ONE, not even I, has a better plan for my life than God does, so I need to,as you say, take a deep breath and ask God to reveal to me His fabulous plan for me next. I went through some particularly hard times when my children were teens from about 14 years old to about 22 with one of them, and I felt devestated that their mistakes meant that I was a bad mom, but now I see that I was wrong. I tried to create this perfect childhood that wasn’t real life, it was like trying to live a father knows best show, well, that is not what real life is. Now I look at them and I see adults that are trying their best in their lives and I thank God for them being in my life to bless me! I still worry, mainly trying to get my youngest at 21 to set some definitive goals for her future, but I don’t go beserk like I used to when my first three were younger. We all have so many lessons to learn, we’ll never get through them all in this lifetime. but your heart is in the right place and that is what makes you a good person. Suzie

  • Wow, for a minute I thought you were describing me. I have the same issues. Never happy with anything I create, always think it could have been better. I feel your pain, lol. Very inspiring message, though. Your work is perfect, in my eyes. I love it. Keep the faith!

  • Lisa I so agree that we are our own worst critics! Nothing I ever create is good enough! Even though other’s tell me it is, I always think they are just being nice! I think my word for the new year is fun. I am so focused on DT deadlines and submissions, I sometimes forget the reason I create, for fun. At one time only my family saw my creations and I scrapped and created because I enjoyed preserving THAT specific memory. So hopefully I’ll have a fun filled new year : )

  • And we will be here when you need us!!! All the best to you in 2010 Lisa! Thank you for always being so supportive!

  • Lisa, I’ve been thinking off & on for a month or more about my 2010 word – what will it be??? I’m a LOT like you, expecting so much of myself & others & all the rest – so, if you don’t mind, I’m probably going to use “acceptance” as well. Actually, I’m afraid if I don’t focus on acceptance, I’m going to give myself a heart attack or something … life’s to be enjoyed, not tolerated, right? We CAN do this – we CAN let ourselves enjoy!

  • Hi Lisa,

    acceptance is powerful and will give wings to your already powerful creative spirit. You are brave, daring, courageous and yes, a woman of integrity. May your creative spirit shine oh so bright in the year to come.


  • Hi Lisa,

    I have referred back to this post so many times and finally felt compelled to share it with our blog readers too (hope you don’t mind that I am sharing a link to this post on our blog today). Acceptance is a great word. We all need a bit more of that in our lives. Thanks for sharing such a personal and inspiring message! – Darcy