Vintage Pink is so pretty…

Oct 23, 2009

Here is a really quick ornament to create that is perfect to make if you are in an ornament swap with a bunch of ladies that love pink. But the color scheme could easily be changed to any that you prefer.

Pink is so pretty

Close Up

Instructions: Using a paintbrush apply Instant Decoupage to the entire medium sized silk flower, apply crystal coarse glitter all over wet decoupage, shake off excess and let dry. Apply Instant Decoupage over white dove, apply clear and iridescent glitter all over the wet decoupage, shake off excess and let dry. Using a hot glue gun attach the medium silk flower on top of the pink satin ornament. Using a hot glue gun attach some silver curly tinsel to the center of the flower. Create a hanger and small bow using white seam binding, attach to the ornament. Using a hot glue gun attach the white dove and small white flowers and leaves.

Supplies Needed: Vintage Pink Satin Balls, Silver Curly Tinsel, White Dove, 2 Small White Flowers, 3 Small Leaves, 1 Medium Silk Flower, Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage – Matte, Clear and Iridescent Glitter, Martha Stewart Crystal Coarse Glitter, White Seam Binding, Hot Glue Gun, Paintbrush

Saturday registration will open at 6:00 a.m. for my “A Very Vintage Christmas” workshop. Once registered you will have instant access to the supply list. See ya there!

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  • Ronnell Karoski

    hmmm, I may have someof those satin balls iin my basement from the 80’s does that qualify as vintage?

  • Helen Marshall

    Oh I think I have seen those pink satin balls….. I think I know where I can find them…lol. I love this!

  • Just when I thought I had it all in my basement, I realize I have no satin balls. But that just means I get to go shopping for some! ;-) this is gorgeous!

  • Laura Vigliarolo

    Yes it is sad to say but stuff from the 80’s in now considered vintage, you know like the “big hair” hair dos

  • Ronnell Karoski

    Would that be “maill hair” ? lol

  • so, so sweet Lisa! I love this project. I have everything except the little birdie – gonna try to find a few to play with. Thank you!

  • Christine Schmidt

    Lisa this is absolutely gorgeous! I just love all your projects! Trying to scrounge up the money to take your amazing workshops. After buying costumes for 5 kids and making & packaging classroom treats, I’m usually pretty tapped out this time of year. From what I can see, these projects look beautiful!!