Vintage Doily Basket…

Oct 30, 2009

I think this doily bas­ket is the per­fect size to hold items for a fun filled vin­tage themed hol­i­day swap. Once filled and wrapped in cel­lo­phane then tied with red and white bak­er’s twine and accent­ed with hol­ly leaves and berries… well you have a per­fect gift.

If a vin­tage hol­i­day swap is not in your future this vin­tage doily bas­ket would also look sweet sit­ting on a co-work­ers desk filled with pep­per­mints or oth­er hol­i­day can­dies. Sev­er­al hang­ing on a feath­er tree filled with good­ies would be cute too… as you can see there are lots of pos­si­bil­i­ties for this sweet bas­ket.

Doily Basket


  • Com­plete­ly sat­u­rate a Cot­ton Cro­cheted Doily using Aleene’s Stiff­en Quick.
  • Place the wet doily over the cap of a 32 oz. Gatorade bot­tle (this is the per­fect size for this doily) secure the doily on top of the cap by twist­ing a rub­ber band around the side of the cap and doily, let dry.
  • Once com­plete­ly dry, thread red seam bind­ing around the sides of the doily just under­neath the lip of the scal­lops, tie the ends into a bow to secure the seam bind­ing in place.
  • Using wire cut­ters cut a piece of gold tin­sel to 8″ in length, thread 7 gold mer­cury glass beads onto the tin­sel.
  • To cre­ate the hang­er for the bas­ket attach a small por­tion of each end of the gold tin­sel around the red seam bind­ing then twist the ends to secure the tin­sel onto the bas­ket.

Filled Doily Basket

You can then fill this sweet vin­tage doily bas­ket with any of these adorable hol­i­day items and flow­ers (I used one flower bunch) for the recip­i­ent to use in hol­i­day projects.

Surprise inside

And when the items are removed from the bas­ket the receiv­er will find this cute lit­tle sur­prise at the bot­tom… sev­er­al scal­loped punched vin­tage Christ­mas images that have been accent­ed with Gold­en Rod Stick­les. These are per­fect to accent cards and oth­er hol­i­day items.

Sup­plies Used: Aleene’s Stiff­en Quick, Cot­ton Cro­cheted Doily, Gold Tin­sel, Gold Mer­cury Glass Beads, Red Seam Bind­ing, Vin­tage Christ­mas Images, Gold­en Rod Stick­les, Fiskars Scal­loped Punch — Large

And tomor­row I will be shar­ing with you some­thing very excit­ing for me… the cov­er of my book. I can­not believe the day has final­ly come that I can show you a bit of what I have worked so hard on for near­ly 2 years.

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