I am so blessed…

Oct 3, 2009

to have so many wonderful friends. Honestly, I am truly touched with all the comments and emails I have received this past week. You are all such a wonderful group of people.

I am healing great and get to have my stitches removed Tuesday. This is when I believe I get my lifting and taking it easy restrictions removed too. Which believe me will not come a second too soon. I have not felt this good in probably 5 years so taking it easy is not an easy task. If any of you have had symptoms such as the ones I have spoken about (and I know there are some) please go and get your gallbladder checked. The issues with my gallbladder were so slow in progression that I really didn’t notice how bad I was feeling until I felt great once again.

Okay enough of that and on to what I created for all my wonderful papercrafting friends. Below is a Mini Friendship Flashcard PDF for you to download. Just a little something to say thank you for all your kindness. You can make a cute garland by stringing them together, use them as accents on layouts, cards and tags, gosh… you can create loads of neat things with these. I’m sure you all already have lots of wonderful ideas. After I cut mine out I round the corners and ink the edges with a brown ink to give them a nice distressed feel. I hope you have fun playing with these.

Mini Friendship Flashcards
You will need the latest version of acrobat reader which is free to download at adobe.com in order to download this PDF

Oh and I got to do the final Author’s edit on my book last week… bed and laptop for a super bored person is a perfect combination. I am so over the moon excited about my book. The beauty shots are incredible.. the font used is so me… the backgrounds for each page make me squeal with delight.. the color scheme is devine.. I’m telling you it is so awesome and I am so proud.

Wishing you all a great weekend. It is gorgeous here in Frisco, today.

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  • Hey, Lisa, it’s great that you are now feeling so much better. Hope you continue to feel better more each day.

    You sound ever so excited about your book and I’m looking forward to the day it’s published.

  • Lori Sheppard


    So glad you are feeling better. Thanks so much for the download.

    • Thanks Lori… I hope you have fun with the flashcards.

  • Beth W

    So very glad you are on the mend and feeling better. Well your book be out in time to be on the top of my Santa wish list?

    • Thanks Beth. My book will be available in late Jan. early Feb.

  • melissa

    It’s good to read that you are feeling better. Even while you were so ill, you were still spreading happiness – I am loving the All Hallow’s Eve class!

    • Thanks Melissa. I’m so glad you are enjoying the All Hallow’s Eve workshop. I cannot believe we are about to start the last week of projects. But I will also be posting some Thanksgiving ideas using the same projects and a vintage Thanksgiving postcard PDF that I think you will like.

  • Loretta

    I am so glad you are feeling better! I had not responded before as I did not know if you would be up to reading emails.

    I am new to your site and I am loving your All Hallows eve workshop!.. I have turned several people on to your site too. and they love it as much as I do.

    Keep going on the book. I’m sure it will be a hit.


    • Thanks Loretta… I feel great.

      I’m so glad you like my site and are enjoying the All Hallow’s Eve workshop. Thanks for referring your friends too… that is so sweet of you. I have some great ideas for projects that I can’t wait to get started on for my Christmas workshop. So stay tuned.

  • I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. I had my gallbladder removed 9 years ago because of “sludge”-yup, that’s a medical term, in my gallbladder. I had gotten to the point where I could only eat chicken broth and cottage cheese to not be in pain. I can honestly say I haven’t missed that organ one day since they took it out!!!
    I am getting ready for 2 big craft fairs in November so I have stored the All Hallows Eve class till I can really look at it. I think I will have to print out the flashcards (the Halloween ones) to hang on my mantle. This set of cards is great, too. Thank you so much for sharing them!
    Be well`

    • Joyce I was quickly getting to that state. Glad you are well now. Enjoy the projects and good luck with the craft fairs.

  • krazgrl

    Hi Lisa – So glad that you have healed so wonderfully and that your pain has subsided. It’s amazing how easily we can look past warning signs when it pertains to our own health. Happy healing and THANK YOU so much for the wonderful PDF treat. Now that’s a halloween goodie I don’t mind taking.

  • comfy jammies,
    cozy bed,
    big soft pillow
    for your head.
    worry not,
    the world can wait.
    take your time,

    get well soon!

  • Lisa, I’m glad you are feeling better and the book sounds wonderful! I too am loving the All Hallow’s Eve and setting aside to really look at as I’ve had WAY to much drama going on lately to really be creative.

    Thanks for the extra—I’m definitely going to make it using some shabby cottage items and place in my little one’s room!