Two for one…

Aug 18, 2009

While I was work­ing on a project for my Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving com­bo online work­shop… (yes there will be lots of fun down­loads in this work­shop for all) I was get­ting ready to open up a pack of Jen­ni Bowl­in’s new Hal­loween Bin­go Cards and noticed she shows a small­er ver­sion of each Bin­go Card on the back.

Jenni Bowlin Mini Halloween Bingo Cards - Back

Well those of you that know me know I love any­thing mini and I tell ya these lit­tle ones are per­fect for tags, enclo­sure cards, or any mini project. And if you have a lit­tle girl that loves to play with Bar­bie dolls well these would even be per­fect for Bar­bie. They are too cute. I have looked at the back of Jen­ni’s Bin­go Cards for as long as she has had these but nev­er had the Ah Ha moment until last night. I think these mini min­is (approx­i­mate­ly .75″ x 1″) would be so cute all lined up and attached to some brown and white Bak­er’s Twine to cre­ate a mini ban­ner for a Hal­loween card or project. The sky is the lim­it for these cuties.

Two for One
Mini Bin­go Cards mea­sure approx­i­mate­ly 2.5″ x 3.5″

And just so you know the back of the Larg­er Bin­go Cards have Bin­go cards that mea­sure approx­i­mate­ly 1.5″ x 2″ so you get a two for one with these too. Check them out and have fun play­ing. I know I will.

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