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Aug 28, 2009

of my upcoming workshop “All Hallow’s Eve” below is a tutorial I put together showing you how to recreate this super cute Halloween themed Bottle Brush Tree. You all are going to love this one… promise!

Halloween Bottle Brush Tree

Supplies Needed: Bottle Brush Tree, Clorox Bleach, Maya Road Maya Mists Orange, Gold Mercury Glass Beads, Black Seam Binding, Mother of Pearl Button, Black Embroidery Floss, Vintage Paper, Golden Rod Stickles, Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Tools Needed: Scissors, Tweezers


  • In a well ventilated area or outside place a mixture of 1/3 warm water and 2/3’s Bleach into a glass container. The amount made will determine how many trees you will be bleaching at one time.  Place tree(s) into mixture and let set until bleached.  Once bleaching is complete remove from mixture and allow to dry.

Bleached out and dried bottle brush tree

  • Using Maya Road Maya Mist (Orange) lightly spray onto bleached bottle brush tree. I lined my kitchen sink with paper towels, set the tree on top of the paper towels and lightly misted the tree. Once dyed lightly blot the tree using paper towels and let dry.

Misted Bottle Brush Tree

  • Accent your dried tree using Gold Mercury Glass Beads, Black Seam Binding and a Mother of Pearl Button. I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue for my adhesive. I found it easiest to hold the Gold Mercury Glass Beads with tweezers when attaching them to the tree.

Accented Bottle Brush Tree

  • Create a small banner with a strip of paper that says “Happy Halloween”. The strip of paper needs to measure approximately 7.5″ in length. Accent the edges of the banner using Golden Rod Stickles and let dry. Once dry wrap the banner around the tree and attach using a hot glue gun.

Attach "Happy Halloween" Banner

Now for a few more sneak peeks… enjoy!

All Hallow's Eve Sneak Peek

All Hallow's Eve Sneak Peek

All Hallow's Eve Sneak Peek

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  • Julie


    Love it! Actually I love everything you do. Where do you buy Bottle Brush Trees?
    Thanks, Julie

    • Most large craft stores are putting these out now. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. Have fun.

  • You just became my hero… hehe I so love this and now I will have Halloween bottle brush tree’s on my mantel for Halloween.. hehe Now to find the orange Maya Mist…

  • That is DARLING! I love it so, so much! I’ll be linking.

  • These are wonderful. I never thought to do orange! LOVE it.

  • Love this! A Fiskateer sent me a link because I’ve been talking about orange trees on our blog. Would you care to be our guest blogger with this tutorial?