Forced Creative Vacation…

Aug 14, 2009

For the past few weeks I have had back spasms which has caused me to take a forced creative vacation. Which by the way is complete and total torture for me. But sitting and creating for any length of time is just too painful. Since I really love sharing tutorials on my blog and having the issue of not being able to sit upright for too long a period this has not allowed much blog time. And since I am working on my All Hallows Eve online workshop my sitting time is very limited. So what I plan on doing for the next several weeks is share some tips and products I really love. I get emails sent to me all the time asking what type of tools I use and prefer for certain projects… what kind of glitter (asked that A LOT) etc. So I will share info on things I have found or learned along the way that I feel help make the creative process easier.

Next up… I have had a few exciting things come about these past few weeks. I got to see some beauty shots of my projects that will be featured in my book. This is so exciting and I cannot wait for it’s release in January. Again the not being able to share is torture. I have been working on this creative journey for nearly 2 years. In a way it has seemed so long and yet in some ways so short. But the end is in sight and I cannot wait.

The next neat thing is I will be teaching a workshop at CHA-W. This will be a vintage themed family mini banner filled full of fabulous products from my book sponsors and here is something super neat… each participant in the class will receive a copy of my book. I can’t wait to teach this workshop and show off my book. There was a lot of heART and soul put into all 100 projects.

Next my Homespun Inspiration online workshop begins tomorrow, Saturday, August 15th. I love the canvas project we are making this month. Below is a little sneak peek of next months project. Remember this workshop is a three month workshop and runs until November 1st.

Homespun Inspiration Project #2

If you have any questions on products or tools that you would like some info on please email me and I will add your questions to the list.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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  • Darlene


    Sorry that you are not doing well but resting is important in your condition as back pain is absolutely no fun. What an exciting adventure you have had with your book…you should be proud. I hope your life is “back to normal” soon.

  • Beth Williams

    You’re doing Halloween-I’m so happy I could spit. Lisa Pace’ Halloween-nothing could be better-thank you so much.

  • Glad your’e getting better and back on-line, I cannot wait for the HomeSpun class to start, I am hanging out for it… I received my pack of goodies which is just delightful thank you

  • Sorry to hear you’ve been having so much pain. I hope you find some relief soon.

    Looking forward to the class later, too.

  • Sorry to hear you have been unwell. Not being able to enjoy your creative time must be frustrating. Hope you are soon on the mend as we do appreciate your creative talents.

  • TerryG

    Hope you are feeling better soon…I love everything you share with us..

  • Alisa

    Lisa-I hope you are felling better. Rest is what you need and we can all wait!