Velvet Flower Tutorial…

Jun 2, 2009

Here is the wall hanging I created with scraps kept from my Cocoa Daisy June Kit. I provided Tricia with a PDF of all the templates I created in this piece. If you are a subscriber she will have this available for download.

Wall Hanging

The mini velvet flowers in this piece are super simple to create. All you need is scallop velvet trim (provided in the June Kit) , scissors, a sewing needle, 3 strands of embroidery floss, adhesive and a rhinestone.

Begin gathering trim

Cut the trim so you have 9 scallops (approximately 3.25″) thread 3 strands of embroidery floss into a sewing needle and begin gathering at one end.

gather all the way to the end

Continue to gather the trim along the sewing needle all the way to the opposite end of the trim

tie a double knot on the back

Pull the embroidery floss together tightly until you have formed a flower, tie a double knot to secure the thread, trim floss

Add strong liquid adhesive to the top center of the flower

Apply a strong liquid adhesive to the top center portion of the flower (I prefer Fabri-Tac)

Add rhinestone

Place a rhinestone on top of the liquid adhesive, let dry

Mini Velvet Flowers

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@ 6:00 am
  • Beth W

    If you knew how long I tried to make flowers like these you would be ashamed of me. thank you so much for the how to!

  • Mel

    Lisa…I’m LOVING the tutorials, and this one is no exception. Have you tried this with plain velvet and scalloped scissors–sometime the velvet trim choices are limited around here, so looking maybe for an alternative idea that might work….have you tried it?

    • No I have not tried this but I will have to give it a try now that you mentioned it. I am not sure how the velvet trim would do once you cut the edges… it might fray. But I will try it and let you know.

  • Lisa, those are just awesome!! Never thought to use scalloped trim – that makes all the difference. What a great inexpensive way to get the luxe look – TFS!

  • Beth W

    Yes me again-but now I’ve been thinking about all the other things you could use-lace-eyelet lace! A shopping I will go!

    • I have used lace and eyelet lace and they make gorgeous flowers.

  • Cheryl

    Thank you, thank you , thank you! I have been wondering how to make these flowers, it brings up all kinds of ideas on making flowers with all kinds of trim. Cant wait to play.

  • Alison J

    I love these flowers and think they are much nicer than the ready-made ones I’ve seen. Thanks.

  • Lisa, those are just adorable!!! Thank you for sharing with us! LOVE all your tutorials and am dying to see that book!
    When will you get to see the cover?

  • Linda Hahn

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for these great flower tutorials. I loved the velvet flowers and always wondered how to make them. Where can you get the scalloped velvet? Does Maya Road sell it?
    Also, I love the 2nd scallop ribbon pattern that you made-never would have thought of it!! Keep them coming-summer’s a great time to try something new!

  • These are beautiful and worth a try…

  • laura j

    Great tutorials….love that scalloped ribbon!

  • Wow … I love everything about this … what a fantastic way to feature a family photo … and thanks for the tutorial on those awesome flowers.

  • Love, love, love this tutorial! I made several velvet flowers then started searching my stash for different ribbons to try. I love the look I get using an eyelet lace ribbon and the green vintage satin ribbon from Making Memories. I know the scalloped ribbon can be hard to find, but I found 5 different colors from the Creative Imaginations Creative Cafe line. Thanx again!!

  • thanks for this! i’d definitely try this one!

  • This is phenomenal!!! I can’t wait to try making these this weekend, thanks so much :)

  • Ana

    What a great tutorial! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Wow is all I can say, love these flowers and thanks for the tutorial.
    They look great and easy to make, thanks again.

  • Love these..they will give simple yet dramatic effect to anything. Thanx for sharing!!

  • fantastic tutorial! I wanted to do this for a page tonight and wasnt sure quite how to do it. You have saved me probably a couple of hours of frustration and wasted velvet ribbon. Thanks!!

  • sumieta

    Its very simple and cute. Wann try them …


    i liked this. but can i get some more types of velvet flowers making.