Velvet Flower Tutorial…

Jun 2, 2009

Here is the wall hang­ing I cre­ated with scraps kept from my Cocoa Daisy June Kit. I pro­vided Tri­cia with a PDF of all the tem­plates I cre­ated in this piece. If you are a sub­scriber she will have this avail­able for download.

Wall Hanging

The mini vel­vet flow­ers in this piece are super sim­ple to cre­ate. All you need is scal­lop vel­vet trim (pro­vided in the June Kit) , scis­sors, a sewing nee­dle, 3 strands of embroi­dery floss, adhe­sive and a rhinestone.

Begin gathering trim

Cut the trim so you have 9 scal­lops (approx­i­mately 3.25″) thread 3 strands of embroi­dery floss into a sewing nee­dle and begin gath­er­ing at one end.

gather all the way to the end

Con­tinue to gather the trim along the sewing nee­dle all the way to the oppo­site end of the trim

tie a double knot on the back

Pull the embroi­dery floss together tightly until you have formed a flower, tie a dou­ble knot to secure the thread, trim floss

Add strong liquid adhesive to the top center of the flower

Apply a strong liq­uid adhe­sive to the top cen­ter por­tion of the flower (I pre­fer Fabri-Tac)

Add rhinestone

Place a rhine­stone on top of the liq­uid adhe­sive, let dry

Mini Velvet Flowers

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@ 6:00 am
  • Beth W

    If you knew how long I tried to make flow­ers like these you would be ashamed of me. thank you so much for the how to!

  • Mel

    Lisa…I’m LOVING the tuto­ri­als, and this one is no excep­tion. Have you tried this with plain vel­vet and scal­loped scissors–sometime the vel­vet trim choices are lim­ited around here, so look­ing maybe for an alter­na­tive idea that might work.…have you tried it?

    • Lisa M. Pace

      No I have not tried this but I will have to give it a try now that you men­tioned it. I am not sure how the vel­vet trim would do once you cut the edges… it might fray. But I will try it and let you know.

  • JeanFB

    Lisa, those are just awe­some!! Never thought to use scal­loped trim — that makes all the dif­fer­ence. What a great inex­pen­sive way to get the luxe look — TFS!

  • Beth W

    Yes me again-but now I’ve been think­ing about all the other things you could use-lace-eyelet lace! A shop­ping I will go!

    • Lisa M. Pace

      I have used lace and eye­let lace and they make gor­geous flowers.

  • Cheryl

    Thank you, thank you , thank you! I have been won­der­ing how to make these flow­ers, it brings up all kinds of ideas on mak­ing flow­ers with all kinds of trim. Cant wait to play.

  • Ali­son J

    I love these flow­ers and think they are much nicer than the ready-made ones I’ve seen. Thanks.

  • Tri­cia

    Lisa, those are just adorable!!! Thank you for shar­ing with us! LOVE all your tuto­ri­als and am dying to see that book!
    When will you get to see the cover?

  • Linda Hahn

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for these great flower tuto­ri­als. I loved the vel­vet flow­ers and always won­dered how to make them. Where can you get the scal­loped vel­vet? Does Maya Road sell it?
    Also, I love the 2nd scal­lop rib­bon pat­tern that you made-never would have thought of it!! Keep them coming-summer’s a great time to try some­thing new!

  • Sophia Alli­son

    These are beau­ti­ful and worth a try…

  • laura j

    Great tutorials.…love that scal­loped ribbon!

  • Smi­lyn­Stef

    Wow … I love every­thing about this … what a fan­tas­tic way to fea­ture a fam­ily photo … and thanks for the tuto­r­ial on those awe­some flowers.

  • sylv

    Love, love, love this tuto­r­ial! I made sev­eral vel­vet flow­ers then started search­ing my stash for dif­fer­ent rib­bons to try. I love the look I get using an eye­let lace rib­bon and the green vin­tage satin rib­bon from Mak­ing Mem­o­ries. I know the scal­loped rib­bon can be hard to find, but I found 5 dif­fer­ent col­ors from the Cre­ative Imag­i­na­tions Cre­ative Cafe line. Thanx again!!

  • janis

    thanks for this! i’d def­i­nitely try this one!

  • Stephanie Hart

    This is phe­nom­e­nal!!! I can’t wait to try mak­ing these this week­end, thanks so much :)

  • Ana

    What a great tuto­r­ial! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Karen Pat­ter­son

    Wow is all I can say, love these flow­ers and thanks for the tuto­r­ial.
    They look great and easy to make, thanks again.

  • Sonia

    Love these..they will give sim­ple yet dra­matic effect to any­thing. Thanx for sharing!!

  • Tam­era

    fan­tas­tic tuto­r­ial! I wanted to do this for a page tonight and wasnt sure quite how to do it. You have saved me prob­a­bly a cou­ple of hours of frus­tra­tion and wasted vel­vet rib­bon. Thanks!!

  • sum­i­eta

    Its very sim­ple and cute. Wann try them …


    i liked this. but can i get some more types of vel­vet flow­ers making.