Thrift Store Find…

Jun 10, 2009

My German Glass Glitter will look great stored in these little cuties. They are the perfect size to keep on my work station. I like to have two kinds of silver German glass glitter on hand at all times. It seems as though I can’t create anything without a little coarse or fine glitter someplace on a project.

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

I will be offering some of these for sale soon.

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  • Krazgrl

    I’m not sure what “German Glass” glitter is but these little babies filled with any type of glitter would be ohhhh so cute! Cool find-Can’t wait to see pics of them filled with all of your pretty colors.

  • Deb

    These shakers are just gorgeous!!! I’ve really got to get out and visit some op shops (trhift stores of Australia).