Guess who is celebrating a Birthday…

Jun 25, 2009

On this day in 1942… inside this quaint little house in Salem, West Virginia,  a little girl was born into the Childers family.

Childers Homestead

She is the youngest of three kids.

Childers Family

Grew up with the nickname “Dickie”, dressed her kittens in doll clothes and pushed them in her doll carriage for hours. She loved to roller skate, draw, color and play outside.


After High School she went to Beauty School… found out she married Santa Claus and well… the rest is history.

Mom 1969

Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope your day is great!
I love you

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  • awww so sweet Lisa!! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  • Terri

    Happy Birthday Mom Mom!
    I love you.

  • Sherine

    Oh such wonderful photos! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Cari K.

    Such a beautiful lady! Happy Birthday! I hope you’re having a wonderful day!!!!

  • Happy Birthday!!

  • MaryAnn

    Happy Birthday Lisa’s Mom!!!

  • LisaH

    Heppy birthday to the fanulous Ms. Lisa P’s mom! I’m sure she takes after you in so many ways!

  • Christi

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope it’s a wonderful one!

  • Marieke

    Happy Birthday Lisa’s mom! Hope your day is a fabulous one with lots of great surprises!

  • Rachael

    Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it’s fantastic!

  • Great story, Lisa! P.S. My Mom was born in the same year as yours! (She is in Dec though…)