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May 6, 2009

Since my previous flower tutorial was so popular I thought I would make another one using the same Flower, Daisy #4 Sizzix Die. Hearing how much everyone enjoyed Sewing Pattern Flower Tutorial it certainly made creating the tutorial worth it as it is a bit time consuming. I love to share and hopefully inspire so thanks to those that left comments and sent a personal email. I really appreciate you taking the time.

Now on to this tutorial. I think this flower would be super sweet with a small office tag attached with a little To: Mom with love and placed on top of an altered box, in a tiny milk glass vase or just placed on her bedside table as a morning surprise. Again, Enjoy!

Tissue Paper Flower

Supplies Needed:
Sizzix Die Flower, Daisy #4
Tissue Paper
Vintage Button
24 Gauge Wire or Florist Wire
Florist Tape
Book Page
German Glass Glitter
White Seam Binding

Tools Needed:
Wire Cutters
Liquid Adhesive


  • Using your Flower, Daisy #4 die, cut your flowers out of tissue paper. To add a little texture to your petals crumple them in your hand a few times, then straighten them out just a bit. Several flower layers can be cut at the same time. This one stack was cut together.

Freshly cut Tissue Daisy layers

  • Using wire cutters cut your 24 gauge wire or florist wire to the desired stem length. Thread one end of the wire through the button, now twist the wire to secure the button.

Vintage Button and 24 Guage Wire

  • Thread the wire though the hole in the center of the tissue paper flowers.

Tissue Paper Flower

  • Using scissors cut a portion of the florist tape and begin wrapping the tape at the base of your flower. Continue to wrap the florist tape all the way to the end of the stem.

Wrapped Flower Base and Stem

  • Using scissors cut two leaves freehand out of an old Book Page, using wire cutters cut the leaf stem to the desired length. Wrap the stem using florist tape then attach to the flower stem using florist tape by wrapping the tape around the stem of the leaf and the flower stem. You want to wrap the stem so that looks like it is one continuous flower stem.

Book Page Leaf

  • Apply a clear drying liquid glue all around the edges of your leaf, while the glue is still wet apply Silver German Glass Glitter, tap off the excess and let dry

Tissue Paper Flower

  • To complete your flower tie a white seam binding bow around the stem.

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  • Linda Hahn

    Now I know what to do with some of my Mom’s old sewing patterns!! Thanks for the idea, Lisa.

  • Linda Hahn

    Lisa, this is so pretty! This will be perfect to make for a wedding shower this summer or such a sweet thing for Mother’s Day. Now I have to run out and buy that daisy die. Thanks!!
    I love your free tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing. When will your new book be out?

  • LindaSonia

    Fabulous!! This flower is so realistic looking and the previous flower tutorial was equally as fabulous! Forgive me for not commenting previously and assuming you know how fabulously creative you are and how appreciative I for one am that you share it with us.

    xo LindaSonia

  • leonie

    Just beautiful Lisa, Thank you for sharing,I love your tips & tutorials. About what size is the sizzix flower ? I don’t have it but thought I may have been able to use something similar as I have the cuttlebug machine. Thank you Lisa.

  • So soft and pretty! Thanks for showing how to do this.

  • Beth W

    You so totally rock-thank you!

  • marion

    I always love your tutorials and this one is especially wonderful! I have a cuttlebug and a revolution. I wonder if I could use this die with either of them? This is a great die, the way the petals aren’t the same shapes makes it so different from all of the punches and other dies that I have seen. Thanks for doing the tutorials!

  • val

    Hi….. I loved this tutorial too. If you have more tutorial about paper flowers, send me. Thank you (Brazil)

  • Hey Lisa, I’m new to blogging and very inspired by your site..Ur creativity and daftness at crafting amazes me…I never thought buttons can make bouquets, and love this totally…Do visit my blog sometime when free…Hope you will like it!