Tissue Paper Flower…

May 6, 2009

Since my pre­vi­ous flower tuto­r­i­al was so pop­u­lar I thought I would make anoth­er one using the same Flower, Daisy #4 Sizzix Die. Hear­ing how much every­one enjoyed Sewing Pat­tern Flower Tuto­r­i­al it cer­tain­ly made cre­at­ing the tuto­r­i­al worth it as it is a bit time con­sum­ing. I love to share and hope­ful­ly inspire so thanks to those that left com­ments and sent a per­son­al email. I real­ly appre­ci­ate you tak­ing the time.

Now on to this tuto­r­i­al. I think this flower would be super sweet with a small office tag attached with a lit­tle To: Mom with love and placed on top of an altered box, in a tiny milk glass vase or just placed on her bed­side table as a morn­ing sur­prise. Again, Enjoy!

Tissue Paper Flower

Sup­plies Need­ed:
Sizzix Die Flower, Daisy #4
Tis­sue Paper
Vin­tage But­ton
24 Gauge Wire or Florist Wire
Florist Tape
Book Page
Ger­man Glass Glit­ter
White Seam Bind­ing

Tools Need­ed:
Wire Cut­ters
Liq­uid Adhe­sive


  • Using your Flower, Daisy #4 die, cut your flow­ers out of tis­sue paper. To add a lit­tle tex­ture to your petals crum­ple them in your hand a few times, then straight­en them out just a bit. Sev­er­al flower lay­ers can be cut at the same time. This one stack was cut togeth­er.

Freshly cut Tissue Daisy layers

  • Using wire cut­ters cut your 24 gauge wire or florist wire to the desired stem length. Thread one end of the wire through the but­ton, now twist the wire to secure the but­ton.

Vintage Button and 24 Guage Wire

  • Thread the wire though the hole in the cen­ter of the tis­sue paper flow­ers.

Tissue Paper Flower

  • Using scis­sors cut a por­tion of the florist tape and begin wrap­ping the tape at the base of your flower. Con­tin­ue to wrap the florist tape all the way to the end of the stem.

Wrapped Flower Base and Stem

  • Using scis­sors cut two leaves free­hand out of an old Book Page, using wire cut­ters cut the leaf stem to the desired length. Wrap the stem using florist tape then attach to the flower stem using florist tape by wrap­ping the tape around the stem of the leaf and the flower stem. You want to wrap the stem so that looks like it is one con­tin­u­ous flower stem.

Book Page Leaf

  • Apply a clear dry­ing liq­uid glue all around the edges of your leaf, while the glue is still wet apply Sil­ver Ger­man Glass Glit­ter, tap off the excess and let dry

Tissue Paper Flower

  • To com­plete your flower tie a white seam bind­ing bow around the stem.

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