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May 5, 2009

This super easy tuto­r­i­al has so many pos­si­bil­i­ties. If you don’t have access to a sewing pat­tern you could sub­sti­tute it with cof­fee fil­ters, old book pages, vin­tage sheet music, wall­pa­per or pat­terned paper. If you cre­ate one I hope you share your fin­ished project. I would love to see how you use this flower. I think it would look great as a sweet pin for a hat or bag or as an embell­ish­ment for a card, lay­out or project. Such fun. Enjoy!

Finished Sewing Pattern Flower

Sup­plies Need­ed:
Sewing Pat­tern (pur­chased mine at a Thrift Store for super cheap)
1- Vin­tage But­ton
2 — Small Beads
Embroi­dery Floss

Tools Need­ed:
Sizzix Die (Flower, Daisy #4)
Sewing Nee­dle
Martha Stew­art Seal Punch


  • Cut a por­tion of your fold­ed sewing pat­tern and fold­ed pat­tern instruc­tions just big enough to cov­er the flower por­tion of the Sizzix Flower Daisy #4 die. I left my pat­tern fold­ed so I could get as many flower lay­ers as pos­si­ble.

Cut stacks from a sewing pattern the sewing instructions

  • Crum­ple the stack of fold­ed sewing pat­tern and fold­ed pat­tern instruc­tions in your hand.

Crumpled sewing pattern and pattern instructions

  • Sep­a­rate the lay­ers of the sewing pat­tern and sewing instruc­tions and stack on top of each oth­er alter­nat­ing the lay­ers between the sewing pat­tern and sewing instruc­tions

Layered sewing pattern and sewing instructions

  • Using a sewing nee­dle and embroi­dery floss attach your but­ton. To add a lit­tle inter­est to your but­ton sew a small bead to cov­er each but­ton hole. To acheive this look bring your nee­dle up through the but­ton hole, place a bead onto your nee­dle then go back down the same but­ton hole. Repeat this in the next but­ton hole.

Accented Button Holes

  • To fin­ish the back punch a seal from the sewing instruc­tions and attach it over the area you stitched your but­ton.

Finished Back

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