Fabric Flower…

May 15, 2009

Here is a sim­ple fab­ric flower embell­ish­ment you can cre­ate for any project. Try dig­ging in the rem­nant sec­tion of your local fab­ric store… you can find some great fab­rics for real­ly cheap.

Fabric Flower Embellishment

Sup­plies Need­ed:
Fab­ric Rem­nant
Embroi­dery Floss or Thread
Vin­tage But­ton

Tools Need­ed:
Scis­sors (Pink­ing and Straight Edge)
Sewing Nee­dle


  • Using Pink­ing Scis­sors cut four strips each of fab­ric to approx­i­mate­ly .75″ x 3″ and .5″ x 2″
  • Place large and small strips on top of each oth­er as shown

Cut Fabric Strips

  • Place the small stack of strips on top of the large stack of strips. Using a sewing nee­dle thread­ed with either embroi­dery floss or thread (I like to use 3 strands of embroi­dery floss) attach a but­ton to the cen­ter of the flower start­ing at the back of the large flower going up through the cen­ter of the small flower and into the but­ton. This will secure your flower prop­er­ly.

Finished Fabric Flower

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