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May 15, 2009

Here is a simple fabric flower embellishment you can create for any project. Try digging in the remnant section of your local fabric store… you can find some great fabrics for really cheap.

Fabric Flower Embellishment

Supplies Needed:
Fabric Remnant
Embroidery Floss or Thread
Vintage Button

Tools Needed:
Scissors (Pinking and Straight Edge)
Sewing Needle


  • Using Pinking Scissors cut four strips each of fabric to approximately .75″ x 3″ and .5″ x 2″
  • Place large and small strips on top of each other as shown

Cut Fabric Strips

  • Place the small stack of strips on top of the large stack of strips. Using a sewing needle threaded with either embroidery floss or thread (I like to use 3 strands of embroidery floss) attach a button to the center of the flower starting at the back of the large flower going up through the center of the small flower and into the button. This will secure your flower properly.

Finished Fabric Flower

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  • Laura Vigliarolo

    I never leave a fabric shop without checking there remnants section first, I have lots of expensive fabrics there for 50-80% off. Great project Lisa.

  • Sandi in FL

    FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! You know what I love best? I have books and books and BOOKS of designer fabric samples! :mrgreen: Maybe i should send you a selection since you post such AWESOME tuts, huh? :wink:

  • So cute!!! Even I can do that!!!

  • Linda Cain

    You are Genius!

  • Kristine Dyrda

    I love them…thanks for sharing. This will be fun to make flowers to suit each of my cards.

  • Ana

    Wow! They’re stunning! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  • Sandra

    these are great! I have a bunch of jeans that this would be perfect for!

  • Kristine Dyrda

    I love this………thanks so much for sharing. Now i can create personalized flowers for my projects.

  • travis

    Thanks! These are simple yet stylish.

    christmas wreath

  • good blog what looking for something like that since some times !