Some explaining to do…

Mar 5, 2009

Right now if there were a contest for the worst blogger I would win hands down. But I really do have good reasons…

  1. The entire week of Feb. 16th I was swamped with book projects and last minute details for my upcoming photo shoot in Cincinnati, OH.  So that week was a total blur of creative frenziness.
  2. Feb. 22nd I flew to Cincinnati to work with Christine Polomsky the photographer for F & W Publications. Talk about a wonderful experience. If you have a book idea I 100% recommend you send a proposal to this company. Everyone I came in contact with was wonderful and on top of every last detail. Which you all knowing how detail oriented I am made me so happy.
  3. Feb. 23rd I spent all day in the studio photographing step by steps for techniques that will be featured in my book. So exciting and fun and I swear that studio is in some kind of a time warp or something. I would laugh with my editor Kristin Boys that my days have never flown by so quickly. You get there at 9:30 and then it is noon and time for lunch. Kristin took me and Christine to this wonderful restaurant called LaRosa’s Pizzeria. I had the BEST Philly Chicken Calzone ever. After lunch it was back to the studio for more photos.
  4. Feb. 24th I again spent all day in the studio photographing step by steps. We ate lunch at Dewey’s Pizza with Ginger Rohlfs and talked about marketing. If you ever have the chance to sit and talk to Ginger beware… you will laugh so hard your face hurts. She is the best storyteller and has the best stories to tell.
  5. Feb. 25th I again spent all day in the studio photographing step by steps. I cannot remember where I ate lunch but believe me it was so good. I had a crab cake sandwhich that was incredible (Cincinnati has the best places to eat). I talked with the Sales Team and really learned A LOT about how the team works and what type of books sell best in certain stores etc. It was a very interesting lunch. After we finished for the day Kristin took me to this ice cream place called Greater’s. YUMMY is all I have to say about this place.
  6. Feb. 26th I flew home and found out my friend’s husband had passed away. So sad but he is in a better place and pain free now.
  7. Feb. 27th spent all day with my friend helping make a memory board and such
  8. Feb. 28th Ansley turned 15 years old so I had a group of teenagers… I need not say anymore
  9. Mar. 1st tried to recooperate from the 28th
  10. Mar. 2nd memorial service
  11. Mar. 3rd worked on my upcoming Easter Workshop which I will be posting about next week. It will be a fun little workshop with projects and cards to complete just in time for Easter.
  12. Mar. 4th I ended up with food poisoning and was in bed all day long. Such a terrible way to waste a day.

And today here I sit washing towels and looking at a blank piece of paper. I have 29 projects left to complete by the end of next month as well as write all the captions for the 40 techniques featured in my book. So I guess you can see I am a bit overloaded and understand my lack of blogging. I plan on having one heck of a blog party once I hit my last book deadline.

Ansley is 15!

This is a photo Ansley’s friend took of her and her cookie cake… yes the icing was that bright!!!

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  • Krista

    Wow! You are a busy lady. I think we all know that you’re in the middle of the book thing, so I at least I can say I wasn’t too worried. Sounds like a really fun experience. Wish I had an idea for a book. Instead I will be looking forward to yours.

  • Anabelle

    Wow, you HAVE been busy! Sorry to hear about your friend’s husband and the food poisoning. I love the photo of your DD. As for being a bad blogger, i look at it this way. We have an AWESOME book awaiting us, so it will make up for it. :)

  • :shock: Goodness I don’t know how you cope with all that going on Lisa!! Sorry to hear about your friends husband. Can’t wait for your book to come out!!
    And your DD is stunning!!

  • Talk about busy! I hope that you recoup soon so you can get even busier!

  • NanaBeth

    Bless your heart! We all love you and know when your life returns to some semblance of normality, you’ll be back. Try to relax and don’t forget to take care of you along with every one else.

  • Ginger

    Hey girlie! You are so sweet! Hope things are settling down for you!


  • Laura Vigliarolo

    Breathe…… now get to work time’s a wasting girl!!!!!! Thought I’d show you support as only I know how.

  • Hi Lisa….Girl you have been busy. I’ve missed you and hate so much I have missed your classes but I’m looking forward to the Easter class…I’m determined to be “back in the saddle” again…I cannot wait until your book comes out. I know it will be fabulous….okay I could ramble but will look forward to hearing and seeing more of your wonderful stuff….Oh and happy birthday Ansley…she is so pretty…

  • Girl….you have been BUSY! I am glad it was a great experience for you! Time will fly again and soon your book will be done and you can enjoy some free time again! Happy birthday to your daughter and so sorry to hear about your husband’s friend. Keep us posted!!

  • So…what do you do in your SPARE time??
    What a BUSY gal you’ve been.
    How much longer do we wait for THE BOOK?

  • Melissa

    Hi Lisa!
    Just thinking of you …so happy to hear about your wonderfully exciting book adventures…can’t wait to get my hands on it.