Some explaining to do…

Mar 5, 2009

Right now if there were a con­test for the worst blog­ger I would win hands down. But I real­ly do have good rea­sons…

  1. The entire week of Feb. 16th I was swamped with book projects and last minute details for my upcom­ing pho­to shoot in Cincin­nati, OH.  So that week was a total blur of cre­ative fren­zi­ness.
  2. Feb. 22nd I flew to Cincin­nati to work with Chris­tine Polom­sky the pho­tog­ra­ph­er for F & W Pub­li­ca­tions. Talk about a won­der­ful expe­ri­ence. If you have a book idea I 100% rec­om­mend you send a pro­pos­al to this com­pa­ny. Every­one I came in con­tact with was won­der­ful and on top of every last detail. Which you all know­ing how detail ori­ent­ed I am made me so hap­py.
  3. Feb. 23rd I spent all day in the stu­dio pho­tograph­ing step by steps for tech­niques that will be fea­tured in my book. So excit­ing and fun and I swear that stu­dio is in some kind of a time warp or some­thing. I would laugh with my edi­tor Kristin Boys that my days have nev­er flown by so quick­ly. You get there at 9:30 and then it is noon and time for lunch. Kristin took me and Chris­tine to this won­der­ful restau­rant called LaRosa’s Pizze­ria. I had the BEST Philly Chick­en Cal­zone ever. After lunch it was back to the stu­dio for more pho­tos.
  4. Feb. 24th I again spent all day in the stu­dio pho­tograph­ing step by steps. We ate lunch at Dewey’s Piz­za with Gin­ger Rohlfs and talked about mar­ket­ing. If you ever have the chance to sit and talk to Gin­ger beware… you will laugh so hard your face hurts. She is the best sto­ry­teller and has the best sto­ries to tell.
  5. Feb. 25th I again spent all day in the stu­dio pho­tograph­ing step by steps. I can­not remem­ber where I ate lunch but believe me it was so good. I had a crab cake sand­which that was incred­i­ble (Cincin­nati has the best places to eat). I talked with the Sales Team and real­ly learned A LOT about how the team works and what type of books sell best in cer­tain stores etc. It was a very inter­est­ing lunch. After we fin­ished for the day Kristin took me to this ice cream place called Greater’s. YUMMY is all I have to say about this place.
  6. Feb. 26th I flew home and found out my friend’s hus­band had passed away. So sad but he is in a bet­ter place and pain free now.
  7. Feb. 27th spent all day with my friend help­ing make a mem­o­ry board and such
  8. Feb. 28th Ans­ley turned 15 years old so I had a group of teenagers… I need not say any­more
  9. Mar. 1st tried to reco­op­er­ate from the 28th
  10. Mar. 2nd memo­r­i­al ser­vice
  11. Mar. 3rd worked on my upcom­ing East­er Work­shop which I will be post­ing about next week. It will be a fun lit­tle work­shop with projects and cards to com­plete just in time for East­er.
  12. Mar. 4th I end­ed up with food poi­son­ing and was in bed all day long. Such a ter­ri­ble way to waste a day.

And today here I sit wash­ing tow­els and look­ing at a blank piece of paper. I have 29 projects left to com­plete by the end of next month as well as write all the cap­tions for the 40 tech­niques fea­tured in my book. So I guess you can see I am a bit over­loaded and under­stand my lack of blog­ging. I plan on hav­ing one heck of a blog par­ty once I hit my last book dead­line.

Ansley is 15!

This is a pho­to Ans­ley’s friend took of her and her cook­ie cake… yes the icing was that bright!!!

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