Fabulous Finds…

Mar 27, 2009

Things I am lov­ing right now…

1. This pot made by Ans­ley. I love love love it so much!

She is so creative!

Ken­ner Road Mar­ket this, these and all of these… dang that Ker­ry Lynn puts togeth­er some great kits! I think lots of oth­er peo­ple feel the same way.

Paper Tales Inc. has the best vin­tage millinery sup­plies in their etsy store and I mean the be still my heart kin­da best!

Paper Tales has that great Old Fash­ioned Ray­on Seam Bind­ing stocked up. Michelle is sweet give her a call she ships!

Not scrap­ping relat­ed but my gosh I would love my East­er Brunch table to be set with these dish­es. So cute!

If I wore this in the kitchen I would be a bet­ter cook. I real­ly would I just know it.

What a great way to receive an East­er treat. I might even make the can­dy last a bit longer.

And oh how I love these two wreaths… I think I would have to switch days with this one and this one.

Well that is it… the things I am think­ing about when I should be cre­at­ing… well 2, 3, and 4 keep me busy but the oth­ers get me off track every now and then.

Hap­py Fri­day. I hope you all have a won­der­ful week­end.

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