The Flu Bug….

Jan 3, 2009

has hit our family… First Ansley yesterday, poor girl ended up needing 2 bags of fluids… sick sick girl I tell ya, but better today just really weak. Then Alan was hit with it at 5 a.m. this morning… I am spraying Lysol like a crazy woman and scrubbing any and everything they come in contact with… I pray you all miss this stuff because it is bad, bad, bad!

I will be back to posting in a few days. I hope you all started 2009 better than us.

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  • Laura Vigliarolo

    open the windows let those cooties out!!!!!!!

  • melissa

    Maybe the “silver lining” view could be that you got your 2009 bout of illness out of the way early ? wishing you all better…

  • Anabelle

    Oh no, Lisa! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!
    We started 2009 with Lymes Disease! Ugh.