Cupid’s Workshop…

Jan 1, 2009

I am hosting a Valentine’s Day workshop starting January 15th and ending February 15th. The cost for this workshop is $14.95 and will include two weeks of creating as well as two weeks of additional access to the private blog. These additional two weeks will allow you time to finish up your projects just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Like my 12 Days of Christmas workshop these projects have been designed so you can use products you already have on hand or exactly as I have created mine since a complete supply list and step by step instructions are provided for each of the 8 projects. Some projects you will need to purchase a few items if you want them to be just like mine. But most of the products you do need to purchase are inexpensive.

In my Cupid’s online Workshop you will receive access to step by step instructions for 8 Valentine’s Day projects (sneak peeks below), including color photos, downloads of children’s Valentine’s Day cards from the 1970’s and 1920’s as well as vintage Valentine’s Day postcards dated 1909, 1910 and 1911. I will also post simple decorating ideas we like to do in our house to make our Valentine’s Day special.

I hope to see you there.

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  • melissa

    I am so looking forward. I signed up for this class (I am on your list right?)after completing your Christmas class … When I saw the reminder, it was like a gift that I bought for myself and then forgort about! Can’t wait to get a supply list to start collecting. Happy New Year!

  • Lisa-

    I’m not very blog savvy !! But I managed to put you as a link on my sidebar with the title “Cupid’s Wrkshop” !!

  • I so want to do this, but I’ll be away visiting with family :( I hope I can join you for a future class :)

  • I signed up and am so excited about it Lisa! I will be gone during CHA but I am excited for all the inspiration and project ideas! :)

  • Cheryl V

    :smile: My New Years resolution- do not be afraid to try something different. so this is it-I have never done an online class before. I’m excited to start.

  • Kandy

    Our two daughters,(34 yrs and 31yrs are all grown with kids of their own, however they still think Dad should still get them a gift for Valentines’ Day which he does. I do the shopping and he gets the credit. A TRUE Dad.

  • I usually pick up some bath goodies for my daughter (20’s) … instead of chocolate … and although we are both busy, we usually save time to share a chocolate something … like a dessert or cupcake or something yummy!
    Your class looks so totally wonderful !!!

  • Lili

    My mom always made a big deal out of Valentine’s Day & I have tried to pass on the tradition. Last year for my son who is away at college, I bought a big fancy cookie from our local upscale bakery, froze it & packed it up with an handmade card & some $. I mailed it off by express mail & it made it there on time. I think he wolfed down the cookie & spent the $ before he called to thank me. :???: (ps…that was the 2nd cookie I bought, because I ate the 1st one! :oops: )

  • Absolutely value you discussing this educational write-up. Wonderful!