And the fun begins…

Jan 15, 2009

Thanks every­one for shar­ing all the sweet things you do for Valen­tine’s Day. Ans­ley enjoyed pick­ing a win­ner. Actu­al­ly so much so she picked two.

Con­grats to…
Valerie Myers… Ans­ley liked the bal­loon taped to your son’s skate­board. She said it would be nice if I did the same thing in her favorite spots of our house. Guess what I will be doing this Valen­tine’s Day.


Leonie AlandAns­ley loved that you put the hearts in your hus­bands lunch box and embar­rassed him in front of all of his man­ly friends… typ­i­cal teenage girl.

I hope you two enjoy my Cupid’s Work­shop.

Happy Valentine's Day

Final­ly the fun has begun. I don’t think I could have wait­ed anoth­er day.

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