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Jan 14, 2009

If you would like to win a spot to join in on all the fun in my Cupid’s Workshop just leave a comment telling me some of the fun things you do for your family on Valentine’s Day. Ansley will pick a winner tonight.

Be My Valentine

I am knee deep in a book deadline right now so back to creating I go…. but the good thing is I am more than half way finished creating and I am in love with every single project. I cannot wait for you all to see what I have been working on. The not sharing is killing me.

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  • Cathy K.

    I cook my husbands favorite meal and bake a black forest cake with a little red food coloring in the whipped cream to make it festive. I also make little gifts for my girlfriends each year – just because it makes them smile – this year it will be little scrap covered notepads and pens with a pink and red theme.

  • I make my mom and grandparents Valentine cards and get my mom a little something. This year, I altered a composition journal in pinks and laces, since mom loves to collect journals (tho’ not necessarily write in them!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Unfortunately, we don’t do a lot for Valentine’s! Every other year we go on vacation to Puerto Rico with my in-laws and it is a HUGE holiday there, so we go out to eat and celebrate that way. I guess I need to do something a little more fun & festive. I do send cards and give my DH a hand-made card, and if I have enough time, I send my downline cards, too!
    Thanks for your beautiful creative inspirations!

  • We usually go out to dinner!

  • My maiden name is Valentine so it has always been a special day for me. We usually go out someplace special – as long as we are together it is special. We also exchange a handmade card or gift. This year we are spending Valentine’s Day in Paris!!! I am excited :razz:

  • I serve heart shaped pancakes for breakfast to my family, we hide Valentine’s around the house, and have a heart shaped pizza for dinner. As much as we used to enjoy a romantic night out on the 14th we seem to have a lower pressure, fun filled night at home with our 2 kids! Also, my birthday is the day before Valentine’s day, so my husband bakes and frosts (with our son) a heart shaped cake for me- we eat more of it on Valentine’s Day.

  • Sue

    WOW – let me begin by telling you your valentine is spectacular … love it! In our home, we don’t do a whole lot for Valentine’s Day other than exchange a mushy-gooshy card and try to be nice to each other. Ha ha ha!

  • bethanie

    Well, other than the exchanging of cards, and the promise to go to dinner when the bring the jacked up prices back down to normal (hmmm…. I think we still need to have dinner out for the last FOUR valentine’s days) we don’t do a hole lot in my house… but with my daughter getting older, I’m sure we’ll start doing something fun in a year or two! Your valentine is just beautiful!!
    Thanks for the chance to win something wonderful!

  • jules p

    The “not sharing” is killing me too! :eek:

  • Well since our anniversary is a few days prior , we dont usually do anything to grand, other than cards and a gift sometimes. Always give the kids a small something an d some candy and we end the day with going out to dinner as a Family and usually try some place new.
    Love your Valentine and thanks for the Give Away!!!

  • jules p

    I forgot to add the valentine comment..

    Our family goes and sees a movie together. But…we have to wear either red, pink or white. :razz:

    We have so much fun!

  • Melissa

    What a fabulous sneak! Can’t wait for your book. I don’t usually buy idea books, but yours will be a must-have I’m sure.

    We have a Valentine’s tradition that I love. When our girls were 4 and 5, DH bought them each a beautiful new dress and took all three of us out to dinner. Between work and DH’s deployments, we like to get in as much family time as possible and love being with the girls.

    Anyway, as we were having our fancy-smancy dinner, DH had the waitress deliver a dozen roses to me at the table. I felt like a princess and some of the husband’s at surrounding tables joked my DH was making them look bad. I don’t know where he thought of the idea of having the florist deliver the flowers to the restaurant, but I thought it was super sweet.

    Also, if it falls on a school day, the girls get a special handmade Valentine from mom in their lunchbox.

    Hope your New Year is great!

  • lori p

    i usually get each of our children & husband their favorite breakfast item from a local bakery and have it at their spot when they come down for breakfast. they receive a handmade valentine and a gift (now it is usually a gas card or a gift card to favorite eatery) my husband gets a handmade card and usually an altered item containing his favorite candy.

    then for dinner we have a candlelight dinner where i have prepared chicken cordon bleu, stuffed mushrooms, twice baked potatoes, salad, cheesy garlic bread and a yummy dessert. since it is on a saturday this year we just might get to eat all together between college and work schedules…

  • Ivy

    I am new at this so I hope it worked. Love your blog and your workshop looks amazing. I like to decorate for Valentines and put out my favourite red quiilt and I also have a flower pot that has paper hearts and heart shaped lollipops that are the “flowers. Valentine cookies (hearts) are made, handmade valentines for everyone and a special container to hold treats(a door hanger, decorated tin or loot bag) not sure what I will do this year, but hearts are my favourite and I love all things Valentine. My favourtite is a book with vintage valentines..out on display of course,

  • valerie myers

    I love to collect little surprises to gather up for each of my children up to age 17. It is usually some of their favorite candy treats and some school related objects or other inexpensive item they have been eyeing. Bareets and ribbons for the girls. Then I tie them up in cellophane with a balloon stationed at their favorite spot in the house, by their bed or desk. On year i taped it to my son skateboard! For my husband it is usually a card on his pillow with a favorite chocolate treat!

  • Mel

    I give handmade cards (already DONE! this year—can you tell I’m proud of that?) to my kids, along with a bit of candy and perhaps this year a small webkinz (they love those). My hubby gets a card and small gift…really simple. Our big thing is usually a nice dinner at home, and I try to fix something different and a bit “fancier” than normal.

  • leonie

    valentines day is not as big in Australia as over there, but last year I filled my husbands lunch box full of punched out hearts & love notes tucked in his sandwiches, he is a builder & I think he was very embarressed to have them fall out in front of all the rough tough building boys, LOL!

  • Not trying to get in on the freebie, I’m already paid up, just want to say how much I am looking forward to this! I know the projects will be exquisite!

  • Deborah

    We have our favorite dinner and I make a chocolate dessert. I make cards for my son and Husband. I loved the 12 days of christmas so I am hoping to win a spot in your Valentine workshop. Thank you.

  • Samantha

    i love making cards for friends, family and my valentine

  • I love to put treats in my childrens lunch boxes so that they have a pink and red surprise at school.

    And this year I thought I might send a couple of friends some cute cards to give them a nice surprise in the mail. Everyone loves that right?

  • JeanFB

    We don’t do anything big, just little things….. the kids and I come up with red and pink food to eat. This always involves at least strawberries and pink heart press cookies. Then we have to add something nutritious, like red peppers on our salad and little red potatoes quartered and baked in the oven. And for some reason.. Valentines Day means cupcakes to me, so we make cupcakes with pink frosting and red sugars. If my husband is home for the morning, he makes heart-shaped pancakes. Other than that, we’ve always made our own valentines. I loved the 12-Days of Christmas – thanks for the chance to win this workshop too!

  • Lisa J

    When I was a kid Valentines Day was big at our house. My mom always went out of her way to make sure we knew she loved us…..It was more about us than my parents…..I think we will start that tradition this year. My husband will be deploying in a few weeks and I try to do some extra fun things while he is gone. So everyone will proably get a special little gift and it will just be another family fun day and we will do whatever my kids want.

  • christi

    we make a romantic dinner for two
    I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day even when I wasn’t “off the market”.

  • Moon69

    I like to make litle personal presents or cards for the ones i love.

  • Jerri K

    I love to make things for friends and family especially for the grown girls in my family.

  • We really don’t do anything special but I love to make my son and his wife a special card…whether its funny or serious, they know it’s from the heart. I would love to win a spot in workshop! Sounds like fun!!!!

  • Oh, pick me, pick me!!! This sounds like such fun!!!

  • Sher y B

    On Valentines Day, I make homemade valentines and heart-shaped pink pancakes!

  • Wendy Lust

    Now that our children are grown, I always make a special card to send them. i know my husband appreciates this. With the two of us…it kinda depends on what else is happening. We don’t have a particular tradition. But we always make it special.

  • Theresa Grdina

    I love Valentine’s Day! (My family thinnks I love it because my favorite color is red!) We will make our own valentines and then will celebrate with a wonderful tea party! We will use our best china and then will have a wonderful selection of mini-sandwiches, cookies, cakes and valentine’s treats!

  • Sandi in FL

    I’m probably too late, but I’ll try anyway. :grin: My kids and I like to make cards together… for Grandma’s and Aunts, plus they make one for me and even for Daddy! Sometimes we go out to dinner, or just make something special at home.