Rhinestones and Glitter…

Nov 7, 2008

As many of you know I love that combination…. sparkly things make me so happy. Especially around the holidays. I love seeing all the lights twinkle, the glitter sparkle and the rhinestones shimmer.

This is a little sneak peek of what we will be making tomorrow in my workshop while we await the arrival of Santa. Each Saturday evening Santa will visit the gallery to pick someone who has been very creative with their workshop projects. Then Sunday, I will announce who will receive a RAK of fabulous Maya Road goodies.

Oh the fun that is being had by all.

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  • Anabelle

    I love rhinestones and glitter, too! This looks amazing.

  • :lol: Hello fellow glitter friends, I’m just getting the hang of all this cyber stuff and am just learning how to navigate this site-question:
    Can wee see the gallery posts too?
    Where do I go to post mine?
    I’m hoping it’s ok to venture off the project recipes to do our own version, like using different colors and such. Thanks for the inspiration, bren
    (Hi Katie!)

  • BethW

    This is too funny. I was wandering around Etsy last night trying to find baker’s twine and came across something very similar to this. I almost bought them-now I’m going to learn how to make them. Perfect timing-or are you clairvoyant?

  • I love all the glitter! I especially love how you take something that looks old and vintagy and make is so sparkly!

  • Very pretty…it its sparkly…I’m there! LOL.


  • Donna

    I love sparkles too and after looking at all the stuff I have I’m following your advise and using what’s at hand.

  • :lol: FYI Lisa…I have just shared your name and a sneak peek of your clas with a large group! Hopefully you will get more hits and sign ups for your classes!!! I sm having a great time creating! I love digging through my vintage goodies! I think I’m all caught up on your challenges and can’t wait for the next one. Oh, but I DO need to try your chocolate chew cookie recipe! As soon as I get my new stove…my oven broke and I can’t bake! bummer!