Felt Addiction…

Nov 21, 2008

This is what I seem to have at the moment. I love felt. I created this card using my friend Wendy’s Studio 490 Art of Making it Merry stamp set. I just inked the stamps, stamped the image onto some cream felt, then used that as my embroidery pattern for the flourishes. Then I stamped the flower image three times onto some red felt, cut them out, layered them, put some french knots in the center and accented the edges using Platinum Stickles. I think this came out pretty cute. Adding the Platinum Stickles gives it the cheesy vintage look which I love so much right now too.

So dig out those stamp sets you have stashed away and see what great embroidery patterns you have just waiting to be used. If you want to learn some embroidery stitches this is the blog I found online that helped teach me… she has great tutorials.

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  • Aunt Brenda

    Lisa, the blog with the directions is the best I’ve ever seen. Have you ever come across any directions for crocheting that are as good?

  • Wow … this is one addiction that produces amazing things … love it.

  • Gorgeous!!! Love the felt.

  • TOTALLY AWESOME CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE IT!

    Once again…this shows why you ARE & always will be…


  • I can see the addiction for sure – this is beautiful! Love the textures.

  • LisaH

    I have a stash of real 100% wool felt that I ordered from Martha Stewart EONS ago and I have been diving into it for your workshop projects. Finally…the perfect way to use the felt!