Memory Makers…

Oct 16, 2008

Here is the last layout I did during my Memory Makers Masters term. It is in their current Nov. Dec. issue. I love these papers by Making Memories and the photos well, they are two of my favorites. But thanks to my sister I need to take another group photo because we need to include Isabella Kate.

Now about the other big thing that is keeping me pretty busy and is one of the reasons my blog lacks new stuff off and on… my book. I am so happy with all the things I have created, which is a big thing for me because usually I can always find something I don’t like about everything I’ve made…. I just have 73 more projects to go. Hopefully after today it will be 72 and by the end of the month it will be near 60! I so cannot wait to reach the half way mark. But I’m having fun, have some incredible sponsors and feel so blessed for the opportunity to work with F & W Publications.

Have a great day.

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  • I CAN NOT WAIT for that book!!!!!!!!!
    I just know you’ll blow us away with your projects!
    I’m counting the days!

  • Sarah

    I can not wait for the book either!!! Back to work Lisa!!LOL what a countdown you have…I bet it will be a relief on that final item!!

  • BethW

    I can’t wait either! It will be the Rosetta Stone of craft books! :mrgreen:

  • ONLY 73 more huh? WOW, that is a lot! Sounds like the book will just be overflowing with fun things.

  • M & D

    I heard today it’s only 72

  • Cool!! Looking forward to my autographed copy!! :wink: