Homecoming in Texas…

Oct 3, 2008

WARNING… very, very, very long post about 2.5 days in my life.

Cen­ten­ni­al High School has their home­com­ing game tonight. If you live in Texas you know all about the MUMS! Those of you that do not, well… girls and boys wear them… girls have these big honkin things pined to their shirts that hang almost to their ankles and boys wear a small­er ver­sion around their arms attached to a garter.

Well Ans­ley and her boyfriend Tay­lor aren’t going to the dance (decid­ed to just hang out instead) so I was­n’t real­ly sure how all this mum stuff worked. So I asked Ans­ley last week to please find out for me ASAP as I need­ed to know the garter eti­quette. Well she found out for me all right… TUESDAY night at 11! I swear my eyes near­ly bugged out of my head and my heart was pound­ing like Stan­ley Ipkiss a.k.a. Jim Car­rey in the 1994 movie “The Mask”.

So Wednes­day I run to Michael’s call sweet daugh­ter #1 Ter­ri, no answer… she is in class dang can my luck get any worse? I know the school col­ors are blue, red and white… I grab blue and sil­ver stuff… I’m still not sure so now I’m tex­ting Ter­ri who decides that as soon as she gets out of class will race to Michael’s to help pick out stuff. But lets me know upfront that she is still wear­ing her pj bot­toms as she woke up late for class and just ran out the door… I tell her I don’t care as I look like I just rolled out of bed and basi­cal­ly that was the truth… no make­up and bed head oh yes I was a real win­ner. Any­way back to the garter mum thing… I’m wor­ried that what is good for girls is not nec­es­sar­i­ly good for guys so I ask and find out basi­cal­ly any­thing you can stick on is fine. Slight relief to know this.

After pick­ing out all blue and sil­ver col­ors and the foot­ball stuff the lady at Michael’s says Cen­ten­ni­al is Navy blue, Red and gold and asks if her date is in any sports… I’m think­ing WHAT.… I know Ter­ri’s Mum was blue and sil­ver… then I remem­ber she did­n’t go to Cen­ten­ni­al her fresh­man year… it was still being built. She went to the rival school Frisco High School.… oh would­n’t that have just been great!!! Can you imag­ine mak­ing it in the wrong col­ors… any­way I say yes he is in base­ball, and she says well most dec­o­rate it with their sport anoth­er WHAT went off in my head… they don’t dec­o­rate it with a foot­ball theme any­more after all it is for the foot­ball game… so I put all the foot­ball stuff back and change all the col­ors to red, NAVY blue and gold then start grab­bing base­ball stuff… 4 hours lat­er I have every­thing picked out. I run home and begin to pan­ic as I have nev­er made any­thing like this before. So I get sweet daugh­ter #1 Ter­ri on the phone and she comes over that evening to help me put it togeth­er all the while her boyfriend Laren keeps mess­ing with me say­ing things like why is the rib­bon pur­ple… it looks pur­ple to me… are you sure you want to add that for a guy? He best be glad I love him. That’s all I’m going to say.

I now decide I need some wine and start sip­ping or maybe I should say gulp­ing while Ter­ri and I plan our course of attack on this thing. I notice that I am get­ting real­ly hot and itchy. Ter­ri looks at me and asks me why my face is all red. I am like what… so I go and look in the mir­ror and I am break­ing out in HIVES… I have nev­er had hives before. Again… can my luck get any worse? I know if I take a benadryl I’m so going to be knocked out. But my face is beat red and I am itch­ing. So now I am look­ing for benadryl… nope not one tablet in the house. I send Alan to the store to get some, take the pill and work as fast as I can before I’m off to sleep in a benadryl haze. Ter­ri and I get a lot done but run out of some rib­bon so now I have to go back to Michael’s Thurs­day morn­ing as soon as they open so I will have it fin­ished that evening when Tay­lor comes to give Ans­ley her Mum. I am now ready to pass out in bed due to the benadryl so we wrap it up.

Yes­ter­day I raced back to Michael’s picked up more rib­bon came home and fin­ished the garter just in the knick of time.

Grand­par­en­t’s I will post pho­tos of Tay­lor and Ans­ley tonight when he comes to pick her up for the game.

Oh… and I am so ready for Home­com­ing 2009!

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