A little wake up call…

Oct 24, 2008

for my dear hubby Alan since he wouldn’t get out of bed this morning… after all it was 11:30. Every time I see this I laugh so hard I cry. It’s only a few seconds but so worth every tear I shed from laughter. Once Sonny our Golden Retriever saw him move he tackled him…. Alan was up for sure then.

I know this is a little form of sick humor… I’m gonna blame it on all the book projects I have been working on lately. I have 30 completed. But honestly, my sister and I laugh so hard we can hardly breath.

Have a great weekend.

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  • BethW

    Oh lord I laughed out loud. Too funny-thanks so much for sharing it. Made my day! :mrgreen:

  • Roger just asked me what was so funny in my scrap room!! That was too funny….better watch out for pay back though girlfriend!!!

  • Ohmygod I laughed so hard I nearly cried. I had to watch it again and again! That poor man! I think you shaved 5 years off his life. You’d better watch your back, sister. I bet when he finds out you’ve shown it on your blog you’re in for major payback! LOL

    Corinna http://www.myscrapbooklife.com

  • OMG you’re a sick woman – ROFL, I love it :)

  • I’m LOL too, replaying it over and over. Poor guy!

  • belinda

    I’m addicted to this video. I’m going to have to buy a new inhaler!

  • carolyn

    Oh you are so bad Lisa, that was too funny!

    When I do that to Nolan, he comes up fighting!

    Miss ya,

  • Vanessa

    That is TOO hilarious. That is something I would do to my husband! Thanks for sharing!


  • Evil, I tell you!! That’s too funny….