He makes me happy…

Sep 27, 2008

AND he needs a name. If you want to play please help me name my newest creation. Just leave a comment (US only please. I’m so sorry but international shipping is too expensive). If I pick the name you suggest I will send a sweet little winter RAK that includes some Maya Road Snowflakes. I am going to see if I can teach this as a class locally. We will see if there are any snowman lovin people in Texas.

Mister Snowman stands about 24″ tall so he is a biggie. After all he is in Texas and everyone knows “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

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  • Lynn judge

    jack – he just looks like a jack to me

  • Mr. Snowjangles

  • I think Kim is onto something with Mr. Snowjangles. He’s VERY cute!

  • Beth W

    And Lynn got me going because he certainly looks like Jack Frost to me. So I googled Jack Frost and ended up with Jokul Frosti. 2 ancient Norse characters that many believe were the origin of the tale. In folklore Mr Frost was an impish character and your creation is certainly all that. Just adorable-brought an immediate huge smile to my face. :mrgreen:

  • Oh is he cute! LOVE the music themed hat. Mr. Snowjangles just goes with that.

  • Laura Vigliarolo

    Ok I have no name I’m bad with names but someone in a cold climate should win, Texas is no place for snow it melts too fast there.

  • He looks like a Horace to me. Horace Frost. :???:

  • Jeannie

    Here are some names: Fluffy, Flaky, Chilly, Flurry, Blitzy, Fridgy, Nippy, Snowy, Coney (with ice cream cone hat), Icy, Freezy, Frosty, Sparkles, Glitter, Glitzy

  • Dina Perez

    How about Willy Melt?

  • Erika M

    I like Mr. Snowjangles. How about the sophisticated snowman?

  • Dina Perez

    Willy could also be Will E. Melt.

  • he looks like:
    “scrappy jack the snowman”

  • How about Mr. Melody since he has music on his hat!!!!

  • Peggy

    I definitely think he is a very sophisticated snowman and definitely a Mister, Mister Snowjangles is a must.

  • Stacie Guerra

    I think he looks like a Jingles since he has a musical hat… :0)

  • Vanessa

    I am not really good with names….but my daughet thought of Mr. Melody. I really do love Mr. Snowjangles though!

  • Oh I’m not good with names either but he sure is cute….can’t wait to find out his name….

  • I think he looks like “Sprinkles” of snow because that is all we ever get in Texas anyway. He is way too cute.

  • belinda

    Kelly says Carl.

  • debbi

    I think the original Mister Snowman is all he needs. Great project. Thanks for sharing.

  • Leah

    Fred…that’s a good name??

  • lori p

    i think FROSTY or to be proper, Mr. Frosty, because this one looks like he a jolly, happy soul. whaddya think?? :smile: he is too cute!!

  • belinda

    how about sherman?

  • belinda

    What bout Mr. Shivers?

  • J. Harmon

    Jingles the snowman.

  • I’m not good at names. I am hoping though that you are bringing him to the store for us to look at…

    hmm, how about BUSTER

    like I said, not too good at naming things

  • M & D

    Mr. Snowjangles Shivers
    That’s the vote from the Elves

  • Jeannie

    It could also be called snow cone

  • JulieG

    Ooooohhhhhh….how yummy is he! For some reason I get a very sophisticated vibe from him so I am going with “Monsieur Hiver” (Mr. Winter in French).

  • We have a winner… Julie, I love your name suggestion.