“Family” Triangle Banner Book

Sep 14, 2008

Class Length: 3.5 — 4 Hours    Skill: Inter­me­di­ate

This “Fam­i­ly” class is full of tech­niques that can be incor­po­rat­ed into future projects and lay­outs. You will learn tips on using Crack­le Paint, Stick­les, Dec­o­ra­tive Scis­sors, Embroi­dery Floss and Dis­tress Ink. Once you get the hang of these tech­niques you will want to use them all the time. The tech­niques are not hard but some are a bit more time con­sum­ing than oth­ers. Just remind your­self the impact they cre­ate on your projects and lay­outs makes the time spent worth every sec­ond. This project is also a two in one. You can either hang your “Fam­i­ly” ban­ner or you can set it on a table as a mini album. How you decide to dis­play it is up to you. Either way, peo­ple are going to love look­ing at it.

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