Well we all survived…

Aug 26, 2008

I say we because the first day of school is just as hard for us parents as it is for the kids. It seems that my BIL Kelly survived Madelyn’s first day of school. He took half the day off to go with Belinda and Madelyn on her first day of kindergarten. Madelyn had a blast and eagerly got up ready to go again today.

Merci, Erin and Ansley had a great first day of High School… I’m not sure who’s stomach hurt more… mine or theirs. I tell you watching those three get out of the car and head into that great big school just about brought me to tears. I cannot believe Ansley is a freshman this year. She and her friends had a wonderful day. Yes… great big sigh of relief for me. All I could worry about was her getting lost, not remembering where her locker was etc… you know all those typical mom you need to cut the cord kinda thoughts.

(sorry for the not so great photo but I was doing good to get this one)

And here is Amanda’s last first day of high school photo “as said per my sister”. Man I can’t believe my first sweet, adorable little niece is a Senior and a varsity cheerleader too! Yes I live in Texas, cheerleading is a big thing here. Not sure why but it is. Anyway she wanted it.. worked her tail end off to get it and I am so dang proud of her for achieving her goal!

I am working on a sweet little project for tomorrow using the faux mosaic technique. So stay tuned… it’s a fun one.

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  • Laura Vigliarolo

    First day of High school, how exciting. I have ons starting college tommorow, and my baby will be a sophomore this year. Good luck with high school.

  • Oh I remember those days fondly Lisa…now its my grandchildren’s first day!! LOL…My grandson started Jr. High (7th grade here) this year and it broke my heart…can’t wait to see the next project!! ((HUGS)))

  • It looks like everyone is ready for school! I updated my blog with some shots of my new classroom and picts of my guys too!

  • BethW

    What gorgeous girls! Like Pattie, I’m on to the Grandma stage, although I still have one in school working on his Master’s. My youngest graduated college last December-good lord I just realized I’ve had kids going to school for years! :shock:

  • M & D

    Lisa your Mother is getting very old.