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Aug 2, 2008

Here is the oth­er make n take I did using the Maya Mists, Bird Coast­er Album, Snowflakes Chip­board Set and Sheer Rib­bons. This is a super easy make n take to demo at a LSS.

First, place your Chip­board Snowflakes on top of a page from the Bird Coast­er Album. Com­plete­ly cov­er the bird and snowflakes using Bue Maya Mist, and remove the Chip­board Snowflakes set­ting them aside. Next, light­ly spray the bird using Sil­ver Metal­lic Maya Mist. Once it is dry you can out­line your sprayed snowflakes using white and black pens. To fin­ish it off just tie some sheer rib­bon through the hole to cre­ate a hang­er. Maya Road has a new Sheer Rib­bon that has Sil­ver Snowflakes that would work per­fect­ly.

Bird Coaster Album & Snowflakes

(Blue and Sil­ver Metal­lic Maya Mists Com­bi­na­tion)

Silver Metallic Maya Mists

(Sil­ver Metal­lic Maya Mist only)

This is such a sim­ple make n take. You can spray the Chip­board Snowflakes you used as a mask with the Sil­ver Metal­lic Maya Mist to add some shim­mer or leave them a mat­te fin­ish and just out­line them using a black and white pen.

Snowflakes using Blue Maya Mist

(Blue Maya Mist only)

Your cus­tomers now have a bird orna­ment and some snowflake embell­ish­ments to use in future projects.

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