I LOVE golden retrievers…

Aug 5, 2008

Sonny during his WC Test

and I think there is noth­ing pret­ti­er than watch­ing a gold­en do what it was bred to do… retrieve birds. I was lucky enough to get to train and put two field titles on my gold­en retriev­er Son­ny. We adopt­ed Son­ny from Dal­las Fort Worth Metro Gold­en Retriev­er Res­cue when he was 10 weeks old. He came into res­cue and instant­ly stole me heart. I was want­i­ng to train a gold­en in the field but was wait­ing for just the right dog and time… well as soon as I saw Son­ny I decid­ed to take a chance. This was one of the best deci­sions ever as he has nev­er let me down and is the best canine com­pan­ion I could have ever asked for.

Sonny at 10 weeks

Son­ny slept with me every night in bed in the bend of my knees, he played lots of fun pup­py games etc. which led to us build­ing a bond of trust and loy­al­ty. Every­thing we did led up to his hunt tests. I am hap­py to say this boy has nev­er not brought me back a bird, not even dur­ing the very first stages of his train­ing. He has always trust­ed in every­thing I have asked and has always done it with fly­ing col­ors.

So how many of you would have ever thought I would be up at 5 a.m. dri­ving way out into the coun­try to train in mud­dy water, mos­qui­to rid­den and chig­ger infest­ed places just to play with my heart dog? Yep… I loved watch­ing the sun­rise with my dog in the car, radio on and a hot cup of cof­fee. It was always so fun to see Son­ny react as I turned on to the first dirt road. He would sit up, perk up his ears and have his nose just a twitch­ing… he knew we were about to have a real­ly fun morn­ing.

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