I LOVE golden retrievers…

Aug 5, 2008

Sonny during his WC Test

and I think there is nothing prettier than watching a golden do what it was bred to do… retrieve birds. I was lucky enough to get to train and put two field titles on my golden retriever Sonny. We adopted Sonny from Dallas Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue when he was 10 weeks old. He came into rescue and instantly stole me heart. I was wanting to train a golden in the field but was waiting for just the right dog and time… well as soon as I saw Sonny I decided to take a chance. This was one of the best decisions ever as he has never let me down and is the best canine companion I could have ever asked for.

Sonny at 10 weeks

Sonny slept with me every night in bed in the bend of my knees, he played lots of fun puppy games etc. which led to us building a bond of trust and loyalty. Everything we did led up to his hunt tests. I am happy to say this boy has never not brought me back a bird, not even during the very first stages of his training. He has always trusted in everything I have asked and has always done it with flying colors.

So how many of you would have ever thought I would be up at 5 a.m. driving way out into the country to train in muddy water, mosquito ridden and chigger infested places just to play with my heart dog? Yep… I loved watching the sunrise with my dog in the car, radio on and a hot cup of coffee. It was always so fun to see Sonny react as I turned on to the first dirt road. He would sit up, perk up his ears and have his nose just a twitching… he knew we were about to have a really fun morning.

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  • BethW

    What a gorgeous dog. You’re right-not something I would have thought would appeal to you (the training not the adorable puppy), so it is cool getting to know other facets of your personality. :shock:

  • Krista

    What a wonderful little fact about yourself. Sonny is absolutely beautiful. Kuddos to you for incorporating his natural instinct/purpose into your life and enjoying it so much.

  • Great pics! We were out today for 3 hours working the little ones! They’re catching on fast and we’re hoping to get to the Nationals this fall in RI!

  • Sonny is beautiful….they can certainly steel your heart can’t they….

  • Sonny is precious, and I know what you mean about the right dog stealing your heart… you know how I feel about mine!

  • What a great dog! Our beagle and schiperke love hunting as well. When my husband gets his guns out…they jump for joy and start talking to him. It is the little things…

  • What a sweet face!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You up @ 5am???
    NEVER!! HA!

  • Lisa E.

    OMG! The Chiggars! How I remember those….. :shock: How about the rope burn you got too? :lol: