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Jul 5, 2008

Things that make me happy.

I have had this angel for YEARS… actu­al­ly for so long I can­not even remem­ber not hav­ing her. This lit­tle beau­ty has rest­ed on top of an old clock look­ing as though she was watch­ing over the fam­i­ly. Well today I walked past her as I have for at least a thou­sand times and BAM… I thought man she would look so cute in my scrap­room watch­ing over all my won­der­ful vin­tage rhine­stone finds… so now she sits on a shelf in my scrap­room and she makes me pret­ty hap­py. I attached some of my favorite vin­tage rhine­stone but­tons to her skirt using straight pins. The but­tons run all the way down the front of her skirt and look so pret­ty when the light hits them. Now I just look up, pick what I want and replace the one used with anoth­er but­ton… no more dig­ging in a box. I think the lit­tle bird rest­ing on some moth­er of pearl but­tons looks as though she is telling a few of our fam­i­ly secrets.

Vintage Rhinestone Buttons

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