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Jul 10, 2008

This issue is full of inspiration. Each and every page has some fabulous eye candy. And to think most likely at least one if not more of the scrappers featured will be a MMM ’09. It is so exciting. I must admit though I am so glad I am on this end of it this time…. I was so nervous last year.

Inside there is an article titled “Scrapper or Artist?” where this layout is featured. I believe I am both a scrapper with a little bit of artist that comes out. I like to capture the moment with photos and journaling but then have to add all the stuff to give it more personality and a better feel for what it is I am trying to document.

58 yrs.

Close Up

I really like how this layout of my grandparents turned out and feel the little vintage rhinestone button placed in the center of the flower is the icing on the cake. It is so nice to see that little sparkle of a surprise inside.

So which are you a Scrapper, Artist or Both?

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  • Ummmm! I guess I’m a scrapper hoping to be both when I grow up! LOL. Love your blog – Stalk it regularly!!

  • BethW

    I am a hacker! You are definitely an artist.

  • Oh gosh…I think I am definately a scrapper. I love looking, researching and creating but I’m not by any stretch an artist…you my friend are an artist….as I said before I love, love this page….

  • Melissa

    This is so gorgeous Lisa—-I can’t stop looking at this beautiful thing.

  • Sue

    I think I’m a little of each and maybe lean a little more toward artist. This l/o is fantastic. Love your style!

  • Gee…when I grow up…I want to be an artist! I think right now I’m more of a story teller. I would like to be able to combine both! You do it so well!