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Jul 31, 2008

Since I had so much fun meet­ing and get­ting to know peo­ple at CHA I thought I would share a lit­tle about myself while work­ing on projects for my first book dead­line. Which by the way let me just state now… it is so hard not shar­ing my tech­niques and projects!

So here is lit­tle unknown fact about me…

When I was in the 3rd grade. I won first place in a State Fair art con­test. Dur­ing my last vis­it to see my Mom and Dad, Mom pulled out my win­ning art piece. She has been sav­ing this since 1973!

1st Place at the State Fair

I remem­ber mak­ing this like it was yes­ter­day. Mrs. McDon­ald had each of her stu­dents ran­dom­ly paint 7 areas on a white sheet of paper using water­col­or paint. She then had us cre­ate a pic­ture from our water­col­or designs. Well… I instant­ly thought flow­ers so I got busy with my crayons draw­ing flow­ers, stems and leaves and fill­ing in the back­ground. I drew my vase on a piece of con­struc­tion paper, cut it out and glued it on.… Bam I was done, nev­er think­ing a thing about my project. Well a few days lat­er Mrs. McDon­ald had me come up to her desk and asked if she could enter my piece in the State Fair art con­test. I remem­ber think­ing if I had known this in advance I might would have thought this out a bit more… not much has changed there just ask Car­o­line. I am always, always, always sec­ond guess­ing my work. I reluc­tant­ly told her yes and well to my sur­prise I won first place.

I’m sure Mrs. McDon­ald has passed on as she retired from teach­ing the very next year but she still lives in my thoughts. She was such a won­der­ful teacher and all who had her as a teacher were blessed.

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