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Jul 31, 2008

Since I had so much fun meeting and getting to know people at CHA I thought I would share a little about myself while working on projects for my first book deadline. Which by the way let me just state now… it is so hard not sharing my techniques and projects!

So here is little unknown fact about me…

When I was in the 3rd grade. I won first place in a State Fair art contest. During my last visit to see my Mom and Dad, Mom pulled out my winning art piece. She has been saving this since 1973!

1st Place at the State Fair

I remember making this like it was yesterday. Mrs. McDonald had each of her students randomly paint 7 areas on a white sheet of paper using watercolor paint. She then had us create a picture from our watercolor designs. Well… I instantly thought flowers so I got busy with my crayons drawing flowers, stems and leaves and filling in the background. I drew my vase on a piece of construction paper, cut it out and glued it on…. Bam I was done, never thinking a thing about my project. Well a few days later Mrs. McDonald had me come up to her desk and asked if she could enter my piece in the State Fair art contest. I remember thinking if I had known this in advance I might would have thought this out a bit more… not much has changed there just ask Caroline. I am always, always, always second guessing my work. I reluctantly told her yes and well to my surprise I won first place.

I’m sure Mrs. McDonald has passed on as she retired from teaching the very next year but she still lives in my thoughts. She was such a wonderful teacher and all who had her as a teacher were blessed.

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  • w

    SWEET story…and the moral…
    Talented then…REALLY talented NOW!
    I CAN NOT wait for that book.
    ps…I want mine autographed!

  • Cute pic! LOL. And a book coming out? How exciting!

  • Aunt Brenda

    Lisa, Isn’t it great how Mom’s save the really important stuff? You know my reputation for tossing, but I surprised your cousins with great scrapbooks last year. They were proud of me and of their accomplishments, too! Looking forward to the next story. Love you.

  • I really needed this today. I am getting geared up to go back to school. It is so awesome to know that you remember your teacher and still think fondly of her. Also…these are the kind of art proj. I do in my class all the time! :wink:

  • Neat that your mom saved that picture! When my dad died and we had to empty out his house I found 2 clay figures I had made in elementary school that were on his dresser. I remembered them being there when I was a kid but forgot all about them until I saw them again so many years later. I have them now as a reminder of just how much those little gifts meant to him when we were growing up.

  • Oh Lisa that is just priceless….what a sweet story. I can’t begin to tell you how much of the boys stuff I have saved. I just need to put it in some kind of order!! LOL…Well you were certainly talented then and Super Dooper talented now I can’t imagine why you would ever second guess your talent….Can’t wait for you to share your projects and a Book my goodness I can’t wait!! (((HUGS))) Patti

  • I can’t wait for your book, either!