45 Years…

Jun 3, 2008

This is what today rep­re­sents in our fam­i­ly.

Dad... a.k.a. Santa Claus as a young boy. Mom... future Mrs. Claus

Yep, this lit­tle boy from Green­land, New Hamp­shire and this lit­tle girl from Salem, West Vir­ginia met in Oct. of 1960 dur­ing Dad’s fresh­man year at Salem Col­lege in Salem, West Vir­ginia. They both grew up with the same nick­name “Dick­ie” and both had a dog named “Poochie”.

Jan 1961 Winter Carnival Ball ~ Glen Miller Orchestra

When Dad would see Mom around town he would call Mom “Nugget”. Mom says it was because he could­n’t remem­ber her name. Dad says dif­fer­ent­ly but in Dad’s defense Juani­ta was­n’t a very pop­u­lar name back then… just in case Mom is right wink wink.. every once in a while Dad still signs cards to his “Nugget”.

Any­way, they ran off to Deep Creek, Mary­land on Tues­day, June 4, 1963 and got mar­ried (decid­ed to fol­low anoth­er cou­ple’s foot­steps as that is where their friends went to get mar­ried). Mom wore a black dress because that was the only one she had that she could roll up tight and not wor­ry about it get­ting wrin­kled because you know… she was sneak­ing it out of the house. What a lit­tle rebel. Well that night Dad called her house to tell her Mom and Dad that Juani­ta would not be com­ing home tonight. Gram­pa asked why… Dad told him they got mar­ried that day. Well Gram­pa was­n’t too thrilled. He said, “Well hell” LOL, that still makes me gig­gle, hand­ed the phone to Gram­my where she just gig­gled and said, “I knew it was com­ing. You should have told me. I would have bought you a dress.” Aren’t Moms great! Well Gram­pa got over it and the rest is his­to­ry.

Fredericksburg, Texas Fredericksburg, Texas at Peggy Sue's Diner

Three kids and 6 grand­chil­dren lat­er… they are still hap­pi­ly mar­ried.

Hap­py 45th Anniver­sary, Mom and Dad.
We love you!

Lisa, Alan, Ter­ri, Ans­ley, Belin­da, Kel­ly, Aman­da, Brit­tain, Made­lyn and Isabel­la!

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