What a weekend…

Apr 7, 2008

I had such a blast teaching this past weekend at Lasting Memories retreat in Danbury, CT. Julie and Barb are the best hosts. They go above and beyond for their customers… loads of laughs and creating were had by all.

I have a few kits left over. If you are interested in purchasing one let me know. They are the Time Flies and Stories Told mini album kits and Happiness is you/Two Sisters (you will create 2 – (1-12 x 12 layouts) Layout Kit, and the Our House 1-12 x 12 layout kit. You will have lots of leftovers from each kit to use on future projects or layouts.

Their good friend Nancy celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday and all weekend someone was surprising her with some kind of birthday wish. Nancy took it all in stride even though I think she wanted to go and hide a few times. They surprised her with a birthday cake which is the best cake I have ever had in my life. It was insanely incredible and I am so glad there are 1000’s of miles between me and that bakery. Nancy also has me on a mission to get a cricut expression. She was showing me all the great things this machine can do and now I have GOT to have one. Sue tried to convince me I need the Pazzle but I am just too computer challenged. What she did show me was great. It is super cool too and has loads of neat features but I just cannot grasp all of it and fear frustration would be my main state of mind. That is unless Sue moves down here and does it for me all the time.

During one of my classes Ruth gave me the tip of the day… I tell ya I should be so embarrassed to tell you all this but I just have to let you know as I am sure there are others out there like me. Did you know the plastic part of the emery board file in the BasicGrey Precision File Set comes off? I NEVER knew this and I am so glad I didn’t throw mine away. I tell ya that was such a DUH moment for me. So THANK YOU RUTH for sharing this little tad bit of info with me.

I also want to thank all of you that came to my classes and left telling me you were so glad you came and you learned a lot. I was happy to hear you say you were going to apply some of the techniques you tried in each class in future layouts and projects. I know I put you all through the ringer with the craft knife but in the end I do believe you were all happy and will agree it is the quickest method for covering chipboard pages.

I must say there is one person in particular who I got to speak with for a bit before leaving to catch my flight who truly touched my heart. Livia pulled me aside to thank me for helping her in class as they were the first classes she had ever taken. She showed me the layouts she had been working on during the retreat and each one she added some of the tecniques she learned in class and told me where she planned on adding other techniques to other pages. Then the kicker was when she said, “You made me feel like I really can do this.” Yep, I can hardly type or think of this without having tears. I love teaching and that one comment is why.

Everyone really can do this!

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@ 1:57 pm
  • Kate

    Lisa-I am interested in the 2 mini albums but cannot send you an email thru your blog. Could you please contact me and let me know the cost, etc.

  • Ruth

    You’re very welcome for the Basic Grey tip, Lisa, but I cannot take credit. Sue shared that one with me (she’s great that way).

    Thanks again for the wonderful classes. The projects were beautiful. Your teaching method is fun and VERY kind. Being the type A personality that I am :neutral: I tend to plow ahead faster than I should. You were very kind and patient and I thank you.

  • Irene

    Thanks for coming to CT to teach the classes! Thanks also for the Fiskars projects. They are really cool tools.

  • Cassie

    Lisa – I am interested in the kits. Can you e-mail me more details? Thanks

  • Deb Wisker

    What can I say? You went above and beyond for all of us who took your classes. You are a genuine and unique individual. On behalf of everyone at LM I want to personally thank you for answering my email. I’m so glad you accepted our invitation to come and teach!
    When I come to Texas I hope you have a margarita waiting for me!
    Talk to ya soon!!

  • Angelia

    Julie and Barb ARE the nicest, aren’t they? :D And their customers are tons of fun! Glad you enjoyed your trip, Lisa,