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Apr 11, 2008

to all of you who purchased my kits. I cannot believe the response. They are all going postal today. So be on the lookout for them in the next few days. Those of you that are international more like 2 weeks. I tell ya I have an entirely new respect for all you kit club owners out there. I thought coming up with new a kit each month was hard enough well… add on packing orders, double checking the orders and mailing the orders is a HUGE ordeal. Talk about stress. I don’t know how you all do it month after month after month but I am clapping and bowing to you all.

My dear friend Patti found the punch of all punches. I have searched high and low for Fiskars new “THREADING WATER” scallop border punch and I’m so happy to say she found one and is mailing it to me. I am so doing the happy dance. I plan on doing a tutorial creating all kinds of fun things with this punch. That will be posted sometime next week.

Sorry for the lack of projects and photos. Everything I have been working on has been for assignments and I can’t share. I think that is the hardest thing for me to do… not share. If you have any questions on techniques leave a comment regarding one and I will try my best to put up a tutorial. This weekend I hope to get out and take some photos since everything in Frisco is in full bloom. But first thing tomorrow my friend Lisa and I are going to reorganize my scraproom. It needs a major overhaul. So if I don’t post for a few days considered me buried under scrap supplies and send help.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

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  • Lisa

    Take pictures of the BEFORE of your room! :shock:

    We are going to get that place in tip top shape…you may never get me to go home again! :lol:

    See ya tomorrow for a day of laughter, fun and orgainization – oh, and a trip to IKEA!


  • Hi Lisa!

    Thank you for sending my glue so quickly…you really did NOT have to do that, I didn’t mind sharing whatever I had while you were here in New York. Have fun reorganizing your scrap room. I wish I had one to work in! And I’m on the hunt for that punch!!! I love anything with scallops. ENjoy your weekend. Many blessings, Cris

  • Hi Lisa!!!!!!!!!!! Jane

  • Deb Wisker

    Congrats on the huge response on your kits! They were beautiful and I really enjoyed the 2 I did at the crop weekend! Everyone who bought them is in for a real treat!!

  • um how did i miss this? I need to get a hold of some of your pretties, Lisa! You are awesome!