Just playin when I should be workin…

Apr 18, 2008

I real­ly need to be work­ing on some mini albums right now for an assign­ment but I saw this frame, then found this bird, then remem­bered about this vin­tage sheet music and well… you can see what hap­pened. Before I knew it… there was paint and glit­ter fly­ing all over my scrap­room. I plan on putting a mono­gram on the tag as soon as I fig­ure out who is gonna get this lit­tle pret­ty. This piece can sit on an easel or hang. I love all the spark­ly glit­ter. Glit­ter makes me so hap­py as well as cre­at­ing rib­bon flow­ers. I just can’t seem to make enough of these. They add such a soft feel to projects.

Pink Sprakly FramePink Sprakly Frame

I have had sev­er­al stores con­tact me to teach. It makes me so hap­py to know peo­ple like my work well enough to want me to vis­it. So I might be vis­it­ing a store near you soon. I must say teach­ing makes me so hap­py. Watch­ing peo­ple have fun, learn new tech­niques (my class­es are very tech­nique based class­es) and see the light bulb go off when they real­ize they can stretch their cre­ative process and enjoy it. I even like kit­ting. I know you are won­der­ing what is up with that but see­ing all the prod­ucts put togeth­er know­ing peo­ple are excit­ed to cre­ate the project gets me excit­ed.

Hope you all have a great day. It is gor­geous here today. It was­n’t so great last night though. Grape­fruit sized hail is not fun. Thank­ful­ly we missed that but poor Fort Worth was blast­ed with every sized ball shaped hail you can imag­ine.

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