Snow twice in one week…

Mar 7, 2008

Texas weath­er sure is strange. Mon­day it snows just enough to make every­thing look so pret­ty. Then it is gone by mid­morn­ing… Tues­day and Wednes­day it is sun­ny and warm enough for painters to paint the out­side of our house… today it is once again cold enough to snow. And snow it did. As I sat wait­ing for Ans­ley to get out of school my car was com­plete­ly cov­ered in snow. It was so pret­ty to watch fall.

Snow 2008Snow 2008

Snow 2008

Snow 2008 Ansley 2008

These are a few pho­tos tak­en just after I got home with Ans­ley. We end­ed up get­ting around 2.5 inch­es and a lit­tle more should come tonight. Notice there are no pho­tos of kids build­ing snow­men, mak­ing snow angels, hav­ing snow­ball fights etc. Just one not so hap­py snow bun­ny with a forced smile! But I am hap­py I at least got this pho­to. The snow does­n’t seem to be as fun when you are 14 com­pared to when you were 7 or 8. Total bum­mer for me. I love pho­tos of kids play­ing in the snow.

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