I spy…

Mar 12, 2008

in my front yard 5 baby bun­nies. The lawn guy came across this lit­tle rab­bit den the oth­er day and I can hard­ly stand know­ing they are out there. They are the cutest lit­tle things ever. At the moment, I under­stand why Beat­rix Pot­ter loved draw­ing and cre­at­ing sto­ries of these adorable lit­tle things but I have a feel­ing I will feel like Mis­ter McGre­gor in a few months when they start eat­ing all my flow­ers. Man can they ever wipe out a thing of pan­sies in no time flat. But for now I am just going to enjoy the lit­tle bit of nature I have in my front yard. I will soon have some baby birds to watch as there has been a lot of inter­est around my bird hous­es.

Baby Bunnies
Baby Bunnies
Baby Bunnies

Wish­ing you a great day.

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