Maya Road Photos take 2…

Feb 21, 2008

Okay as promised here are some more pho­tos of the booth at CHA. I tell ya these were all tak­en the last day of the show because dur­ing the show you could not even think about tak­ing pho­tos. That booth was crazy.

Maya Road Tree Album, Heart and Home Chipboard and Jonathan, Noah and Simply Me Alphabets

The Tree Album was done by Aubrey and the lit­tle hous­es were cre­at­ed by Wendy.

Maya Road Villa, Townhouse and Bungalow Houses

These are the cutest hous­es. The win­dows, shut­ters and doors are all stored sep­a­rate­ly inside the house along with an album. Super fun project. The 3D effect that the win­dows, shut­ters and doors give to the hous­es is so nice. These projects were cre­at­ed by Wendy, Jes­si­ca (sure wish some­one would get a blog Jess) and Car­o­line.

Maya Road Stamps

Super cute new stamps All the stamps along the top are new. The images are so crisp. I love work­ing with them. The projects shown are cre­at­ed by Wendy.

Maya Road Trinkets

Man do I LOVE all these flow­ers. They make my heart skip a few beats each time I see them. They are all hand­made and so love­ly. The rhine­stones are so spark­ly and the pearls are all dyed and will not flake off and all the rhine­stones and pearls are sewn on to the flow­ers. Gosh, these are just the best. If you love flow­ers you real­ly have to get these. The projects shown were cre­at­ed by Wendy and Katie.

Maya Road Beads and Charms

These are the new Trin­kets Beads and Charms. They have Birds of a Feath­er, Hearts and But­ter­flies and Tut­ti Fruity. They are the clear­est beads with the per­fect amount of col­or and detail. Seri­ous­ly top notch in qual­i­ty but that is pret­ty much a giv­en when you pur­chase any Maya Road prod­ucts. The projects shown are cre­at­ed by Wendy.

Okay more tomor­row. I have got to do a few things for Cocoa Daisy using their March kit. I will post tomor­row or Sat­ur­day. Man can some­one tell me where this week went?


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