Today is Santa’s Birthday…

Jan 21, 2008

Just wanted to wish my dear Dad a.k.a Santa a very Happy Birthday.

Love you Dad!
My Dad a.k.a. Santa Claus

And since he is such a giving kinda guy I thought it would be fun to give a Maya Road RAK in honor of his special day. This RAK will have new release products included. Which means you will be one of the first to have them. So, please leave a comment wishing my Dad a happy birthday and I will have him randomly pick a winner.

Good luck!

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  • MargieH

    Happy birthday to Lisa’ dad :!: Hope you have a wonderful day :lol:
    MargieH in Chicago

  • :razz: Happy Birthday Lisa’s Dad
    Hope you have a fantastic day
    ~Kathryn in Aus~

  • kdarli

    Happy Birthday to your Dad Lisa … hope he has a wonderful day. I love that photo of him … he makes such a great Santa!

    Katy :)

  • frazitr

    Happy Birthday, Santa Daddy!

  • csmom42

    Happy Birthday Lisa’s Dad aka Santa! :razz:

    Wishes of good health and happiness for the upcoming year! :lol:


  • tgrdina

    Happy Birthday Santa (a.k.a. Dad)! You are more authentic than the REAL guy up North! WOW! Happy Day!

  • 4megs

    (To the tune of “Santa Baby” with apologies to Joan Javits, Philip Springer, and Tony Springer) :oops:

    Santa baby, have a wonderful birthday, you see
    You’ve been an awful sweet dad-dy
    Santa baby, and better have your birthday cake

    Santa baby, an out-from-internet wish for you, to you
    Looks like you’re a wonderful dear
    Santa baby, don’t you forget that birthday cake! :grin:

    …sorry – the picture just inspired that tune!

    Best wishes! Wendy G.

  • Happy Birthday Santa Dad!

  • Ally

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful Dad Lisa!

    He share’s this wonderful birthday with my husband Todd!!!

    Many happy returns “Santa”.


  • JulieG

    “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Lisa’s Daddy, Happy Birthday to you!!” Have a wonderful birthday. I am sure you are very proud of your talented daughter!!

  • Aww, Happy Birthday Lisa’s Dad!!!!

    And Ally’s hubby!

    I hope the day is great
    and filled with joyous delight
    The present are many
    The food is good
    and all of your family’s in sight!

  • so-muchlove

    Happy Birthday Lisa’s Dad!! Hope all of your birthday dreams and wishes come true!!

    Lisa S.

  • stampincmeyers

    Happy Birthday to Lisa’s DAD! Hope your birthday is as special as Lisa loves you!

  • nanabeth

    Happy Birthday Santa! I hope you have the best of days=filled with family, friends, and love. Enjoy!

  • craftylin

    Happy, Happy Birthday Santa, (Lisa’s dad). Hope your day is very special.

  • LisaNRoxy

    Have a WONDERUL birthday and many many more!!

  • Momsnack

    Happy Birthday to your Dad! Lisa, you are so lucky – my Dad died quite young (53), so he never got the chance to see his great and great-great grandchildren.

  • Happy birthday Santa-Dad!!!

    From the land of Ice and Snow ( Icealnd)! :wink:

  • Hi Lisa….

    Wishing your dad the best birthday!!!


  • Shawn

    Happy Birthday to your Father! What a great Santa picture, my daughter enjoyed it. :wink:

  • scottswife

    Have a very happy birthday to your Dad!

  • Such a cute photo! Happy b-day Lisa’s dad aka Santa :)

  • tqmnurse

    NO WAY is SANTA your dad! TOOOO COOL!!! Happy Birthday SANTA Daddy!!!!


    Happy Birthday Dad!! It must be so cool to have santa as your Dad…oh, that’s how you were lucky enough to get those new release of Maya Road products!!! :)
    Cheryl KVD

  • CC

    Hope your dad had a wonderful birthday! (He looks like a great Santa!)

  • lynnfrompgh

    Happy Birthday Santa Daddy!!!! Hope you have a FUN day……

  • Aunt Brenda

    Happy Birthday, Santa. Count those heartbeats carefully.
    Love, Brenda

  • Happy Birthday, Daddy Santa! :)

    Hope u have a wonderful celebration!

  • bluemoon

    Dear Santa, :smile:

    How are you? It’s very cold down here right now -22, so I hope you are keeping warm up north and resting. Thank you so much for finding me on Christmas Eve and for my nice stocking stuffers! You are looking so young Santa, I WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAVE A VERY SPECIAL DAY!
    P.S. Now I can prove what I’ve been saying all along to people… there really is a Santa!! Stay Warm, Hugs, :) just me.

  • scraphappily

    Well how could I possibly out do Wendy G’s song with a tune! :wink: I wish you a wonderful day filled with family, fun and of course, GIFTS galor! Happy Birthday !!!! Heidi

  • Tsscrapin

    Happy happy birthday it’s your special day!
    Happy happy birthday its time to celebrate!

  • Olivia

    Happy Birthday SANTA! I hope you have a great day! The best people are born the last part of January! (Mine’s the 25th) snicker snicker!

  • menolly13

    Happy Birthday to your Dad, Lisa! I love the santa photo! My dad used to get dressed up as santa when we were kids. I think he is going to start doing it again next year now that there is a grandkid to spoil. :lol:

  • Christi

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope that you are showered with as much love and gifts and good-will as you spread during the year!


  • jenifer

    Happy Birthday Lisas Santa Dad. PS you are just the Cutest Santa ever. I hope you have a wonderful birthday…… :lol:
    Jenifer Cowles Fiskateer #679

  • My late husband had a Santa suit and loved playing santa. My Dad now has the suit and plays Santa in it every year. So Happy Birthday to your Dad. In my eyes, anyone that plays Santa is special :lol:

  • baronreads

    Happy Belated Birthday DAD!! I hope your day was very special! :lol:

  • Lisa

    Happy Birthday Santa Claus. You don’t look a day older!

  • I love the fact that your dad dresses up every year – that ROCKS!
    Happy Birthday Lisa’s dad… you deserve a break now that the holidays are over!

  • pam herrick

    hope your dad(santa) has/had a jolly birthday! :wink:
    what a wonderful gift he is to your children — no problem with them believing, huh?

  • perfectpatti

    Oh my goodness how fun that it is your dads birthday. I hope he has a wonderful day. My goal in life is to someday meet him, and your mom. I have met you and would like to thank them for creating such a wonderful person.


  • What a beautiful Santa he is! Or should I say handsome one! Happy Birthday to a wonderful Dad/Santa!
    Thanks for posting the RAK Lisa.

  • KorieB

    Oh my goodness, it is Santa!!!
    I hope his birthday is a happy one.

  • This is just TOO sweet. It makes me believe in Santa all over again!
    Happy Birthday Santa!

  • Happy Happy Birthday dear Santa!
    Lots of Love!

  • Erin Glee

    Happy Belated Birthday, Father Christmas! My your jolly, Timeless Soul enjoy all the good things Life has to offer!
    Erin : )

  • bezina

    I believe in Santa! Have a great birthday!

  • scraphappydeb

    Happy Birthday dear Lisa’s Daddy, happy birthday to you! And thank you for creating and guiding such a talented woman into the world to inspire the rest of us!

  • kathi_minikatie

    LOL! Happy Birthday, Dad a/k/a Santa!!

  • karen

    hi santa i woul like to meet u in real life