You’ve Been Grinched…

Dec 8, 2007

I found this and thought I would share it with you. I think it would be great fun for both kids and adults. I do believe Ans­ley and I just might have to Grinch a few peo­ple in our neigh­bor­hood. Below is how it all works.

You’ve Just Been Grinched!

You’ve been select­ed as the recip­i­ent of this orna­ment. The Grinch made it just for you! And you don’t want to dis­ap­point the Grinch!

The fol­low­ing are his demands… If you want to see any presents under your Christ­mas tree!

1. Hang up one copy of his fes­tive face where all can see so you don’t get Grinched again!

2. Make or buy two orna­ments.

3. Send them to two unsus­pect­ing friends-you must include pic­tures of the Grinch and a copy of this let­ter so the next Grinchee can send off his/her orna­ment! Make pho­to­copies if nec­es­sary.

4. Bring your pack­age to your friend’s house. Ring the bell and take off! The Grinch would be extreme­ly dis­ap­point­ed if you were to get caught.

5. Don’t break the chain if you want a Mer­ry Christ­mas.

And my friend Pat­ti sent me this link. She Elfed a group of us Fiska­teers… we appear in this order… Me, Jane Hasty, Pat­ti Church and Stephe­nie Hamen. I think it is so fun­ny. They are all at a crop right now and I real­ly do not like being geo­graph­i­cal­ly chal­lenged. Because I am here and they are there! Have fun. I’m sure there will be lots of laughs. I miss you three a lot.

We are putting up the tree this evening. I have been clean­ing the front room all day. This years tree will look total­ly dif­fer­ent from last years. It is so easy and I love it! First time ever I have placed col­ored lights on my tree. Ans­ley is thrilled. I will show pho­tos once we get it just right. Have a won­der­ful evening.

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