Paper Dolls and Holiday Photos…

Dec 3, 2007

Alan has placed my Can­dy Cane Kiss­es and Gin­ger­bread Wish­es Paper Doll in the For Sale sec­tion of my blog. The Down­load includes a com­plete Sup­ply and Tool List, Step by Step instruc­tions, my one-of-a-kind Paper Doll Tem­plate and Col­or Images to help you cre­ate along the way. I think this Paper Doll will look adorable in a lay­out or framed.

Thanks to all of you who have been pur­chas­ing my Down­loads. It warms my heart to know you like my Tuto­ri­als that much.

I am doing a Pho­to A Day Chal­lenge on Scrap­Gal. So Ans­ley and I had a lit­tle pho­to shot with her and Zeusy. All I have to say is… Gosh what a dif­fer­ence a year makes. Last year, Ans­ley still had her lit­tle girl look, which by the way I was hold­ing on to like mad. This year, I might as well give up and start wav­ing the white flag. Ans­ley has turned into a beau­ti­ful young lady, and to me it seems like it all hap­pened overnight.

Ansley Dec. 2006
Ans­ley 2006

Ansley Dec. 2007
Ans­ley 2007

Ans­ley loves her lit­tle dog Zeusy. Here is their Christ­mas Pho­to. Thank­ful­ly we had Alan to stand behind me act­ing like a goof so he would look at the cam­era. Zeus did not like wear­ing his coat. I guess he fig­ured out it was a CAT cape *GASP* I know but Ans­ley and I thought it was the cutest and it fit him per­fect­ly.

Ansley and Zeus Dec. 2007 Zeusy Dec. 2007

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