Oh the fun.…

Nov 1, 2007

It looks as though our neigh­bor­hood “Gangstas” wear fuzzy slip­pers and hang out with “Ostrich Farm­ers.” Ans­ley (white shirt) and her friends Erin and Fos­ter had a fun time pass­ing out can­dy to trick-or-treaters as well as sur­pris­ing some with a blast of sil­ly string. Please note… strict instructions/warnings were giv­en to only blast your sib­lings and friends… no small chil­dren were harmed and every­one seemed to have had a won­der­ful time. Oh and just so you know, Maya Road prod­ucts make great “Gangs­ta” bling. I cre­at­ed Ans­ley and Erin’s bling using a blos­som chip­board and a Philadel­phia Upper­case Let­ter. All I did was cov­er them in sil­ver and gold paint and glit­ter.

Erin, Ansley and Foster Halloween 2007

Ansley, Foster and Erin Halloween 2007

Today I am wash­ing clothes, pack­ing and gath­er­ing sup­plies for my week­end get­away to San Anto­nio. Tomor­row I will be meet­ing 50 oth­er Fiska­teers for a great creative/instructional event. I can­not wait to get there. It will be fun meet­ing every­one and get­ting to play with all the won­der­ful Fiskars prod­ucts.

Wish­ing you all a won­der­ful week­end. Don’t for­get to set your clocks back an hour.

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