Busy Project Day…

Nov 28, 2007

I love these lit­tle Bal­leri­nas so much and bot­tle brush trees… oh man do I love bot­tle brush trees. Oh, and glass beads, these are from vin­tage gar­land, anoth­er one of my favorites. Oh and dang I’m hyper can you tell… I have vin­tage Mica around the Bal­le­ri­na on top of the jar as well as glass shards and glit­ter (Big Sur­prise there I’m sure). Alan will be adding items for sale on my blog (includ­ing these) sev­er­al times a week, so if you want orig­i­nal one-of-a-kind items check back and see if I have any­thing you might like.

Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Jar Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Jar Close Up
I think this jar… the entire piece stands approx. 9.25 inch­es tall… would be adorable filled with can­dies or hot choco­late and giv­en to a spe­cial friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber. It has an office tag with a snowflake attached wait­ing for that some­one spe­cial’s name.
Sugar Plum Fairy Paper Mache Box Sugar Plum Fairy Paper Mache Box Close Up
This paper mache box mea­sures approx. 3 inch­es wide and the total piece stands approx. 7 inch­es tall. I paint­ed the entire box and added white boa, glit­ter tin­sel, pink pom pom trim, bot­tle brush trees, satin seam bind­ing, a bal­le­ri­na, snowflakes, rhine­stones and iri­des­cent fibers.

My scrap­room is doing some major sparkling this evening. I plan on mak­ing a few oth­er items tomor­row. Not sure what they will be as I nev­er seem to know what I am going to cre­ate. I just walk in and start pick­ing items up, putting them togeth­er and before I know I am deep into a project.

So until tomor­row… have a won­der­ful evening.

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